What’s Not To Love About Green Wall Paint?

From dark and moody emerald, to light and airy sage; there is a perfect green paint for you. Green is the color of harmony, nature and abundance and might just be the perfect pop for your walls. Find out why we love green wall paint and how to incorporate it into your home.

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Go All-In with Green

Color is back. White and gray walls may have dominated the interior design world in recent years, but people are ready for a bold change. Green wall paint is fresh and vibrant, with a variety of tones that work with any style. So put away the gallon of “Swiss Coffee” and take a risk with something more exciting, like Desert Twilight by Benjamin Moore, shown here. Check out the best kept secrets of professional painters.

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What Colors Coordinate With Green Walls?

If you’re considering painting a room green, you might also be wondering what colors go with green walls. Of course, finding complementary colors depends on which shade of green you have on the walls.

Dark greens, like emerald and forest green, pair well with similarly rich colors like navy blue and cranberry. Mossy greens, such as Ecological, shown here, have yellow undertones, so they look great with warmer colors like yellow, gold, salmon and coral. Try accenting a lighter green, like pistachio, with creamy whites and airy blues. Here are the best paint colors for small bathrooms.

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How Does Green Wall Paint Make You Feel?

According to the concept of color psychology, paint color can have a significant effect on our mood. The color green is a great choice for walls because it has a calming and soothing effect. We associate green with nature, healing and tranquility. We love the way a muted green color can bring life into a room while still making you feel grounded, like the one shown here, In the Moment by Behr.

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Sophisticated Dark Green Wall Paint

If you’re going for a luxurious look, choose a dark green for the walls. A saturated emerald green can create a cozy yet sophisticated ambiance, turning any room into a jewel box. Try it in a dining room or living room, paired with dark leather and black accents. Here’s how to paint a room, fast!

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Classic Olive Green

Olive and other mossy-toned greens have more of an earthy feel that conjures images of a tranquil meadow or a relaxing hike in the forest. This type of green wall paint, like Behr’s Back to Nature, shown here, is simultaneously exciting yet calming. We love it in a room with light wood accents and other elements of nature. Do you need paint samples? Here’s the right way to test paint colors.

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Consider a Green Accent Wall

If you’re not quite ready to take the plunge on painting an entire room green, consider creating a focal point with just one green accent wall, like this one featuring Behr’s Secret Meadow. This is a great way to dip your toe in the green paint trend. You can attach empty picture frames and narrow wood trim to the wall before painting for textural interest. Get inspired by these 15 stunning accent walls.

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Calming Sage Green

Sage green like Wickham Gray by Benjamin Moore, shown here, is fresh and light; but makes more of a statement than white or gray. It has nice silvery undertones that allow it to pair with both cool and warm accent colors. You’ll love the versatility and calming power of sage green. Find out which house painting mistakes almost everyone makes, and how to avoid them.

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What Rooms Should You Paint Green?

If you choose the right hue, almost any room can be painted green. For bedrooms, stick to lighter greens to ensure a relaxing atmosphere. Save darker greens for living rooms, dining rooms or an office. For the kitchen, you can’t go wrong with muted green walls and white cabinets.

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Get Moody with Blue Green

Can’t decide if you want green or blue walls? Combine the two and you get gorgeous, moody dark teal green wall paint with strong blue undertones. A couple of our favorite paint colors in this family are Antigua by Behr, shown here, and Night Watch by PPG Paints. These colors can be a welcome departure from more traditional navy blue.

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Try Painting a Green Half-Wall

In addition to an accent wall, another way to incorporate green walls, without painting the entire room, is to paint half the wall. It may sound crazy, but half-painted walls are having a moment and can be a playful way to make a bold statement with green. Try painting half the wall with a simple straight line, like a modern nod to wainscoting. Or get creative with different shapes like the mountain pattern shown here. The best tips and tricks for using painter’s tape.

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