Nothing makes the space you live in feel more like home than renovating walls. Here, you’ll find essential decor, design and painting to inspire all your wall projects.

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    I Tried Slobproof Touch-Up Paint Pens From Amazon to Fix Chips in My Walls

    Make your space look new again with the help of a refillable touch-up paint pen, like this option from Slobproof.

    How to Incorporate the Fluted Wall Panels Into Your Home

    Designers have reimagined classic '70s wood paneling for the modern day!

    8 Backsplashes to Avoid, According to Interior Designers

    Some materials are impractical for kitchen cleanliness, while others are decidedly off-trend.

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    Can You Truly Soundproof an Apartment?

    Unless your landlord agrees to permanent structural changes, you can't truly soundproof an apartment. You do have options for...

    The Floor Police Mop Makes Cleaning All Surfaces Criminally Easy

    The cordless Floor Police Mop puts dust behind bars with high-speed revolving pads. It's no wonder Amazon customers are raving...

    The 5 Best Basement Sealers to Waterproof Your Space

    A basement sealer helps prevent moisture issues and makes your floor much easier to keep clean and dust-free.

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    Is It Possible To Soundproof an Entire House?

    Soundproofing individual rooms is one thing. But can you can keep noisy nuisances out of a whole house?

    If You See a ‘Tooth’ on Your Hammer, This Is What It’s For

    Ever come across this type of hammer and wonder what it's for? Here's the scoop.

    8 Tips for How To Decorate a Hallway

    Dark, narrow, complicated, awkward. It can be hard to know how to decorate a hallway, but they're a great place...

    What Is Noise-Canceling Wallpaper and Does It Work?

    Looking for attractive wallpaper that cuts down the noise? Sound reducing technology has come a long way, but make sure...

    How To Remove Wallpaper Border

    A few tricks and lessons will help you learn how to remove wallpaper border quickly, and with minimal mess. Spoiler...

    Guide To Different Types of Wallpapers

    Confused by terms like paste the wall, grasscloth and peel-and-stick? Read on to learn what are the types of wallpaper...

    Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Peel and Stick Wallpaper

    Peel-and-stick wallpaper offers an easy, mess-free way to make your walls pop. Learn more about this product that's surging in...

    Can You Paint Over Wallpaper?

    Ask a group of DIYers if you can paint over wallpaper and you'll get different answers depending on each person's...

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    Tips for Applying Peel and Stick Wallpaper

    With these tips for how to successfully apply peel-and-stick wallpaper, you too can have fresh, Instagrammable walls.

    9 Best Wallpaper Removers

    Removing wallpaper is a messy, tedious task, but the right tools and products can make it a little easier.

    10 Best Places To Buy Wallpaper

    Find all your favorite wallpapers, from peel-and-stick to traditional non-pasted, in every design you could possibly imagine.

    9 Inspiring Kitchen Wallpaper Ideas

    Want to update your kitchen the easy way? These beautiful kitchen wallpaper ideas from Instagram will brighten your space with...

    How To Calculate the Amount of Wallpaper You Need

    Determining how many strips you need, rather than square footage, sounds complicated at first. But this method results in a...

    8 Best Wallpapers for Every Room

    These wallpapers can go on any wall, anywhere, and make that space look like a million bucks.

    9 Tips for Removing Wallpaper

    Removing wallpaper is a messy task. Follow these tips to peel it off your wall more easily.

    8 Best Peel and Stick Wood Wallpapers

    You'll never be "board" with these top wood-look peel-and-stick wallpapers. But, if you get bored, don't worry because all are...

    Popular Wallpaper Trends for 2022

    Wallpaper is back. Here are some bright ideas for incorporating trending wallpaper in your home.

    9 Affordable Peel and Stick Wallpapers That Look Expensive

    Transform a room temporarily or permanently with these top cheap peel-and-stick wallpaper picks. All but one less than $2 per...

    8 Best Places To Buy Budget-Friendly Wallpapers

    Transform a room with cheap wallpaper that's downright gorgeous. All are around or below $2 per square foot, with many...

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    12 Best Peel and Stick Wallpapers

    Curious about wallpaper, but traumatized by hanging or removing old wallpaper? Never fear, great options for peel-and-stick wallpaper are here!

    How to Add a Covered Entryway to Your Home

    Take your home's basic facade to the next level. Add a roof over the entryway.

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    Tear Through DIY Projects with the Family Handyman Approved Diablo Demo Demon Saw Blade

    If you're planning on adding a window, knocking down a wall or re-roofing your garage, pick up a Diablo Demo...

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    Give Your Bathroom a New Look with Family Handyman Approved Aura Bath & Spa Paint

    Remodels can be costly and become drawn out. But if you're looking for a quick way to breath new life...

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    Purdy Paint Brushes (Like the XL Cub) Make Cutting in Easy

    Looking for quality painting tools that can be used with paint or stain? Check out Purdy paint brushes for your...

    How To Use A Stud Finder

    Hang pictures with confidence by finding the stud you’ve been looking for.