How to Incorporate the Fluted Wall Panels Into Your Home

Updated: May 09, 2023

Designers have reimagined classic '70s wood paneling for the modern day!

For many of us, the phrase “wood paneling” conjures up cringy flashbacks to belted Volvos and creaky backwoods cabins—not so chic. But wood paneling is making a major comeback in the design world, thanks to its new fluted reimagining. The resulting trend is a stunning, organic play on light and shadow, adding warmth and texture to any interior space. If you’re looking for a low-cost, high-impact way to add character to your walls, look no further!

What Are Fluted Wall Panels?

Basically, fluted wall panels are a wall covering made up of a series of pieces of wood, hung either vertically or horizontally. The wood can be natural, composite, or synthetic, but its key feature is its “fluting,” or the concave carving of the wood. It can make up an entire wall, or just a segment, making it a space-conscious, tasteful alternative to traditional wood paneling.

What Are the Benefits of Fluted Wall Panels?

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, flute wood paneling has many benefits:

  • Eco-friendliness: Because fluted wood paneling rarely covers an entire space and can be made of composite, it is typically a greener option for your house than traditional paneling.
  • Low maintenance: Fluted wood paneling can be easily wiped down with a cloth and installation is a snap. (Yes, you should be cleaning your walls, too!)
  • Immune to pests: If made of synthetic or composite, fluted wood panels can’t be harmed by termites like traditional wood.
  • Water- and mold-resistant: Much like with pests, water does not pose a threat to synthetic materials. And with no water, there’s no mold, meaning that this design choice can easily be incorporated into humid spaces like kitchens or bathrooms.
  • Ages gracefully: Fluted wood panels are durable, meaning that they’ll last for years to come without needing to be replaced.

How Can I Add Fluted Wall Panels to my House?

Chroma Living Mahogany Fluted Wall Panel Via MerchantVia Merchant

There are numerous different ways to incorporate the gorgeous fluted wood paneling trend into your home. Find three of our favorites below.

Frame Your Television

One of the most intuitive ways to add fluted wood paneling is as an alternative media center. Where one might opt for a classic cabinet to support a standing television, hanging TVs look dramatic against a fluted backdrop.

Emphasize Your Favorite Furniture

Whether you adore your upscale bed or want to bring out the color of your couch, fluted wood paneling can help draw the eye to a special space. A textured wall can act as a pseudo-headboard in the master bedroom. In the living room, horizontal fluted wood panels lend an air of luxury, like an upscale hotel!

Add an Accent Wall

Finally, keep it simple with a classic accent wall. Instead of testing out new paint, lean into natural materials and organic textures. We particularly love how they add warmth to a bathroom, especially when paired with soft, amber lighting.

Where Can I Buy Fluted Wall Panels?

Check out Chroma Living for a wide selection of colors and materials. Whether you opt for rich mahogany or airy beech, your space will shine with its new elegant makeover.