Gabion Wall Inspiration and Ideas for Homeowners

Updated: Feb. 12, 2024

Transform your yard with a gabion wall. Let these examples inspire you to create a masterpiece.

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Gabion Planter Wall
Courtesy @marl_pits_garden_centre/instagram

Gabion Planter Wall

This gabion wall by @marl_pits_garden_centre fronts a beautiful raised planter, backed by an attractive wood fence. The large river rock filler gives the wall a softer edge, and the gabion cages created a wall without using mortar. Gabion walls are great for planter areas like this because excess water can flow right through, providing proper drainage to the plants.

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Gabion Wall Seating Area
Courtesy @alanruddendesign/instagram

Gabion Wall Seating Area

In this outdoor space by @alanruddendesign, short gabion walls filled with sandstone divide areas within the garden and define the central seating space. The consistent color and light natural tones of the stone create contrast against the green foliage, without distracting from the overall landscape design.

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Gabion Wallside Gate
Courtesy @cebuildersaz/instagram

Gabion Wall Side Gate

If your yard requires a side gate, why not dress it up a little? This gabion wall with an attached gate by @cebuildersaz provides privacy and access to the yard while adding visual interest. The versatility of gabion walls means you can build them as short or as tall as you need for a side fence, and fill them with whatever material best fits your landscape aesthetic.

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Multi Texture Gabion Wall Via Instagram @earthdesignsgardendesign
Courtesy @earthdesignsgardendesign/instagram

Multi-Texture Gabion Wall

This gabion wall by @earthdesignsgardendesign utilizes different materials to create a beautiful patchwork pattern. Individual baskets keep the material separated, while spiral binders along the basket edges join them together to make one solid wall.

The different fillers, including wood, slate, stone and brick, offer distinctive texture. When combined like this, they create a high-impact look.

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Gabion fence. Posts full of stones with sections from wooden planks. Countryside style. Exterior garden element design. Security wall. Natural materials. Isolated. Nature texture. Close-up
Hanna Taniukevich/Getty Images

Gabion Fence Columns

An entire fence made with gabion baskets looks great, but adding contrasting materials can make it stand out even more. These gabion columns filled with dark stone pop against the wood fence panels for a modern look. And because gabion baskets are built with flexible but resistant wire mesh, they make strong fence columns that won’t crack.

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Gabion fence wall
U. J. Alexander/Getty Images

Striped Gabion Wall

A gabion wall is an opportunity to get creative! The gabion cages can be filled with anything from rock to crushed concrete or leftover construction materials, like brick and tile. Use materials of different colors to create patterns like the gray and tan horizontal stripes shown here.

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Heaton Thru Birches W Cat Lowres

Wood Log Gabion Wall

This gorgeous garden design by Todd Haiman Landscape Design features a gabion wall as the focal point for the yard. The entire rear wall is made of steel gabion cages filled with salvaged logs, gathered from fallen local trees (a great eco-friendly choice!). Lights placed in the nooks of the gabion wall provide a beautiful glowing effect in the evening.

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Gabion Wall To Hide Utility Via Instagram
Courtesy @cebuildersaz/instagram

Gabion Wall to Hide Utilities

If you have pool equipment, an air conditioner unit or other utilities in your yard, a gabion wall is one clever way to hide them. In this side yard by @cebuildersaz, a gabion wall disguises the pool equipment and separates it from the rest of the yard. Any sort of fence would work, but a gabion wall adds a design element, unlike a standard cement block or wood fence.

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Gabion fence wall with flowers
U. J. Alexander/Getty Images

Gabion Wall with Hanging Plants

Keep in mind that caged rocks don’t fit with every style of yard. Gabion walls have a rugged, industrial aesthetic that might not blend well with say, an English cottage garden. But you can use plants to soften the look of a gabion wall. The hanging floral planters on this wall help to temper the hard lines and introduce color.

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Gabion Garden Fence

Gabion Mail Box

Beyond walls and fences, the applications for gabions are endless! Gabions can be used to create bench seats, outdoor fire surrounds, fountains and even mailboxes. This gabion mailbox and matching wall, filled with river rock by @customgabiondesign, significantly improves the curb appeal of this front yard.