10 Amazing Front Yard Fence Ideas

Refresh your curb appeal with these stunning front yard fence ideas from Instagram!

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Aluminum Front Yard Fence

A wrought-iron fence requires regular maintenance to prevent rust and keep it safe from the elements. For a similar look with less headache, install an aluminum fence like this front yard fence by @activates_construction.

Aluminum fencing is made from durable yet lightweight hollow tubing which makes it easier to work with. Want to take the DIY route? You can pick up aluminum fence panels at most home improvement stores and install them yourself.

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Modular Front Yard Fence

For a DIY fence with a professional-looking finish, consider a modular system like this front yard fence from @modularwalls. The fence consists of panels, posts and caps that can be customized to fit your style and function needs. DIY installation does not require heavy equipment, but you will have to dig holes for the posts and set them in concrete.

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Masonry and Aluminum Front Yard Fence

This gorgeous front yard fence is made of a masonry wall with pillars and horizontal slat aluminum panels. Although this particular project was done by pros, you can achieve a similar modern look with these horizontal slat panels.

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Craftsman-Style Front Yard Fence

When you think of a picket fence, you probably visualize a traditional white fence with pointed uprights. But in reality, a picket fence can take on many forms, like this Craftsman-style picket fence by @candiedfabrics.

A picket fence is simply defined as a wooden fence made of spaced uprights connected by two or more horizontal rails. So get creative! Here are tips for building one with salvaged lumber.

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Vertical-Batten Front Yard Fence

This vertical-batten screen fence by @screeningsolutionsau offers an ultra-modern front yard fence you don’t see every day.

The battens installed on-edge creates a distinct visual with no transparency when viewing the screens at an angle. But when looking straight-on, you can see through. If your DIY skills moderate to advanced, you can purchase cedar battens and make a vertical batten fence.

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Privacy-Screen Front Yard Fence

Privacy screens, like these aluminum versions by @gateom8, come in different patterns and materials. They bring a decorative element to your front yard while also adding privacy. There are also modern plastic resin panel options. They can be attached to existing structures or wood posts.

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Precast-Concrete Front Yard Fence

If you want the look of stonework but lack the budget for a mason, consider a precast concrete fence panel like StackWall.

Concrete is molded and cast into shapes to mimic the real material such as brick, stone or wood, but it’s much more durable and cost-effective. After your panels are delivered, the only equipment required to install the fences is people power!

Photo: @stackwall

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Horizontal Wood-Slat Front Yard Fence

For a modern twist on the traditional wood fence, use horizontal slats like this front yard fence from @acquire_socal. When choosing wood, select a warp-resistant species like cedar or redwood, because no one wants a wonky fence. Then minimize moisture absorption by applying water-resistant fence paint or stain and sealer.

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Wood-and-Wire Front Yard Fence

This wood-and-wire fence from @lovelymillennialmom is the perfect finishing touch to this modern home. You can buy ready-made wood and wire fence panels to get a similar look. Or you can build a wood-and-wire fence from scratch using lumber and galvanized welded wire.

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Vinyl Front Yard Fence

Another maintenance-free option is a vinyl front yard fence. This vinyl picket fence by @duramax_fences will never need paint or touch-ups and can easily be rinsed off with water when needed.

When shopping for vinyl fencing, look for 100 percent pure vinyl. Vinyl fences containing recycled materials are usually less expensive, but they’re lower grade vinyl that may fade, crack in cold weather and sag.