Cheapskate DIY Picket Fence

Updated: Feb. 02, 2024

Save tons of money by building a fence using salvaged lumber. Here's how:

Cheapskate picket fence

DIY Picket Fence

Do you need to make a fence for a new dog? We love a good DIY project, but they can be expensive sometimes. You could get by with spending a few hundred bucks on an electric fence, or you could build a fence yourself. We decided a picket fence was a good cost-effective way to go.

If you have saved wood scraps over the years from various DIY projects, you might be in luck! Depending on quantity and quality of your scrap wood, you may not even need to get more project supplies.

Some of your scrap boards may need a little cleaning before they can be used. Be sure to check every board for nails and screws, then run them through a surface planer for a good cleanup. You can also sand your boards down to give them a fresh face.

If you don’t have enough scrap lumber to make your desired size fence, look for pickets at your local hardware store. The desired look of the fence is up to you, so get creative with what you can imagine and find.

We suggest staggering the pickets every other one and hold the fence a few inches off the ground to make grass trimming easier.

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