10 Interesting Wood Fence Ideas

Updated: Aug. 17, 2023

Find the wood fence design of your dreams with these inspiring ideas, including DIY and professional installation.

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Basket Weave Wood Fence Courtesy @robertnehin Via Instagram
Courtesy @robertnehin/Instagram

Basket Weave Wood Fence

A basket weave fence, like this one from @robertnehin, has the same durability as a solid privacy fence, but the texture is much more interesting to look at. The double basket weave style shown here (meaning there are two weaves instead of one in between each post) lets light and air pass through and gives the fence a soft finish. Learn the differences between vinyl versus wood fences and choose the one right for you.

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Vertical Slat Wood Fence Courtesy @saltbuildinggroup Via Instagram
Courtesy @saltbuildinggroup/Instagram

Vertical Slat Wood Fence

A typical wood fence features vertical boards or pickets installed with no space in between, and exposed horizontal rails. This vertical slat fence by @saltbuildinggroup offers a more modern take on the wood fence.

Thinner pickets, made from durable Merbau hardwood, are spaced an equal distance apart. The horizontal rails go on the neighbor’s side, creating a sleek, minimalist look on the homeowner’s side.

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Horizontal Slat Wood Fence Courtesy @sherylsandersdesigns Via Instagram
Courtesy @sherylsandersdesigns/Instagram

Horizontal Slat Wood Fence

To cover an outdated paver wall that doesn’t fit her style, @sherylsandersdesigns designed this horizontal slat fence. She used pressure-treated wood for the posts and slats. She attached the posts to the pool deck with heavy-duty metal brackets; because of their short height, post holes weren’t necessary. Then she nailed the wood slats to the posts with a nail gun.

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Reclaimed Wood Fence Courtesy @detroiturbanartifacts Via Instagram
Courtesy @detroiturbanartifacts/Instagram

Reclaimed Wood Fence

This gorgeous reclaimed wood fence was a labor of love for @detroiturbanartifacts. Over the past 10 years, he gathered various pieces of wood from torn-down houses and buildings in the Detroit area. The fence is a tribute to the beauty of natural wood, as well as the value of recycling old materials to create something truly unique. Looking for more ideas? Put up a living fence, a row of plants that serve as a barrier around your property or garden.

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Painted Wood Fence Courtesy @thehousehouseblog Via Instagram
Courtesy @thehousehouseblog/Instagram

Painted Wood Fence

Although we love the look of natural wood, sometimes inspiration strikes in the form of paint! And that’s exactly what happened with this fence by @thehousehouseblog, given a patriotic makeover with red, white and blue paint.

After setting the pressure-treated posts in concrete, they painted the fence slats before attaching them with deck screws. The finishing touch: Gluing wood stars onto the blue slats with outdoor adhesive. Oh say can you see!

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Rustic Picket Fence Courtesy @tattonfencing Via Instagram
Courtesy @tattonfencing/Instagram

Rustic Picket Fence

If you prefer a more handcrafted look, you’ll love this fence by @tattonfencing. The irregular oak pickets provide a charming, rustic finish, putting a distinctive spin on the classic picket fence.

White oak is a great choice for fencing, although it does tend to warp and bow. But for a fence like this one, some slight bends and twists over time adds to its appeal.

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Live Edge Wood Fence Courtesy @woodenlaser Via Instagram
Courtesy @woodenlaser/Instagram

Live Edge Wood Fence

@woodenlaser not only built this breathtaking fence with help from his family, he also milled the logs!

He cut cypress logs into long boards ranging in thickness from 1/2- to 3/4-inches. The rustic live edges make this fence stand out. The back is reinforced with thick barn beams for extra durability.

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Curved Lattice Top Wood Fence Courtesy @tattonfencing Via Instagram
Courtesy @tattonfencing/Instagram

Curved Lattice-Top Wood Fence

To add a touch of refined whimsy to your outdoor space, consider a curved design like this wood fence from @tattonfencing.

These shadowbox panels feature pickets on both sides of the rails, creating a 3D effect inside and out. Lattice arches at the top give it an English garden vibe. Plus, the height of the lattice adds privacy.

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Wood Fence With Matching Planter Courtesy @flippinggvl Via Instagram
Courtesy @flippinggvl/Instagram

Wood Fence with Matching Planter

This cedar fence by @flippinggvl looks sharp and will also last for years to come. Cedar’s natural oils make it resistant to decay, rot, warping and insects, and it looks gorgeous as well. The shadowbox design of the horizontal slats provides three-dimensional texture, and the built-in planter gives the fence a polished look.

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Classic White Picket Fence Courtesy @loulovesvintage Via Instagram
Courtesy @loulovesvintage/Instagram

Classic White Picket Fence

Let’s face it: The classic white picket fence never really goes out of style. Bring your cottage dreams to life by installing a white picket fence like this one from @loulovesvintage that separates her garden from the rest of the yard.

If it needs painting, always choose a quality outdoor fence paint for superior adhesion, penetration and endurance, as well as resistance to cracking, blistering and peeling. Worried about the expense? If you’re looking for some affordable options, check out these cheap fence ideas.