10 Inspiring Garden Fences

Updated: May 17, 2023

These garden fence ideas will add style to your yard, define the gardening space and keep animals away.

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picture of a vegetable garden in raised beds with two chairs and a tall deer fence surrounding the area
courtesy @2thesunnyside/Instagram

Deer Fence

When @2thesunnyside planted her beautiful garden, they discovered the deer were feasting on the veggies before they could harvest them! To keep the deer out, they built an 8-ft. deer fence using pressure-treated wood posts and galvanized hog wire panels. (According to the University of Vermont, an upright deer fence should be at least 8-ft. tall.) The hog wire also helps deter other hungry critters from squeezing into the garden.

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small garden with a white fence around it and a sign that says grandpas garden
courtesy @sharpsfarm/Instagram

Wood Fence With Finials

This cute little garden from @sharpsfarm is enclosed by a white painted fence with mesh panels to protect the vegetables from animals. What sets this fence apart are the finials on top of each post (also called post caps) that add charming elegance that’s both functional and eye-catching. You can find post caps in an array of shapes and sizes like ball, acorn and pineapple to best fit your garden aesthetic.

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vegetable garden with a short fence made from wooden pallets
courtesy @Rehoboth.garden/Instagram

Pallet Wood Fence

Part of this gorgeous garden by @rehoboth.garden is separated with a festive red and white fence made from, believe it or not, pallet wood! Making a fence with salvaged pallet wood is a great way to save money and help the environment. Painting it a cheerful color disguises the wood so no one would ever know it came from a pallet, and the bright color provides a nice focal point in the garden.

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overgrown wildflower garden surround by a rustic wooden and metal wire fence
courtesy @Jelle_Grintjes/Instagram

Rustic Wood Stick Fence

For a rustic, cottage-style fence, check out this stick and wire fence from @jelle_grintjes. It’s easily constructed by attaching vertical wood slats (or use salvaged branches to get this look) with wires connecting the boards strung parallel to the ground, toward the top and bottom of the fence. Place the posts closer together if you want to keep out small critters.

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flower garden surrounded by wood and wire fence with a small greenhouse in the background
courtesy @Rockcreek5gfarms/Instagram

Wire-Rolled Picket Fence

A short garden fence was all @rockcreek5gfarms needed to keep her chickens out and help define the garden space. This wire-rolled fencing comes in 15-ft. rolls (natural or white finish); and thanks to the flexible wire design, can be installed in a curved or straight line. The posts go straight into the ground or can be attached directly to your garden box, no digging required!

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vegetable garden surrounded by well made cedar fence with wire fencing in-between the horizontal beams, mountains in the distance
courtesy @Sisters.inthe.garden/Instagram

Cedar Wood Fence

Don’t you want to get your hands dirty in this garden by @sisters.inthe.garden? The cedar wood fence distinguishes it from the rest of the yard, and the upper trellis is great for growing climbing plants. Cedar is not prone to warping or sagging, and is naturally resistant to bugs, decay and water. Perfect for garden fencing!

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cross buck wooden fence in a residential neighborhood closing a yard with green grass
courtesy @Sisters.inthe.garden/Instagram

Crossbuck Fence

A crossbuck fence features vertical posts and center rails that cross to form an “X.” It looks great, but is not effective at keeping animals out of your garden because the gaps are too big. To solve the problem, like in this garden from @sisters.inthe.garden, you can install netting or grid panels behind the fence to offer more protection, while still enjoying the stylish design.

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zinnia garden surrounded by a fence made from a variety of different salvaged doors
courtesy @Zinniahouse/Instagram

Salvaged Door Fence

Here’s a truly unique garden fence idea from @zinniahouse, made entirely of salvaged doors! Go on a treasure hunt for affordable vintage doors at thrift shops and salvage yards, then install them in a row around your garden. To protect their finish from the outdoor elements, apply your favorite waterproof sealer to each door.

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intricate woven fence surrounding an overgrown natural wild garden
courtesy @Elizabeth.cooke.artist/Instagram

Willow Weave Fence

A willow weave fence, like this one from @elizabeth.cooke.artist, adds beautiful texture to your garden while blending in seamlessly with its natural surroundings. Willow fences can last 10 to 15 years and don’t need much maintenance beyond treating it annually with a mixture of equal parts boiled linseed oil and clear wood preservative.

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small dirt garden surrounded by a white wooden fence with a sun hanging towards the back
courtesy Mick Monahan

Repurposed Wood Garden Fence

When Mick Monahan’s sons outgrew their treehouse, he disassembled it and reused the wood for this attractive garden fence. After he built the structure, he lined it with garden mesh netting that is almost invisible from a distance but keeps the rabbits out. His only regret is that he didn’t make the fenced area twice as big.