8 Best Rabbit Fences for Your Garden

Updated: May 20, 2024

There are many rabbit-proof fence options. Your choice depends on your budget, your patience for installation and how long you want it to last.

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If rabbits are causing trouble in your garden, it’s time to take action and install a fence to keep them out. Before you start shopping, consider a few key factors. Firstly, think about the time it will take to install the fence. While some options can be set up in just a few minutes, others may require more extensive installation processes.

Next, consider the cost. There’s a wide range of prices for rabbit fencing, from more expensive options that are easy to install to budget-friendly ones that may require more effort. Finally, think about the quality of the fence. Investing in a higher-quality fence may cost more initially, but it will last longer and provide better protection against those persistent rabbits. Take the extent of your rabbit problem into account when picking out the best rabbit fence for your garden.


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Chain Link Fence Extenders

If you already have a chain link fence but the rabbits easily shimmy under it, install Dig Defense Small/Medium Animal Barriers along the bottom. Just be sure the rabbits aren’t already in your yard before you install it or you may have them forever in your garden! If you don’t have this fence installed, find out how much a chain link fence costs.

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Poultry Fencing

Poultry fencing, also called chicken wire fencing, is a budget-friendly option for keeping out rabbits. Most poultry fencing costs less than one dollar per foot.

The Fencer Wire 20-Gauge Poultry Netting with one-inch mesh has smaller openings rabbits can’t get through, and it’s tall enough that they can’t jump over it. You’ll need to secure it to metal or wood fence posts. It also helps to bury the bottom of the fence a few inches deep to keep rabbits from digging underneath.

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Coated Poultry Fencing

If you’re looking for something that blends into its surroundings better than plain poultry fencing, try Everbilt PVC Coated Poultry Netting. The dark green color integrates with the green of your garden, and the one-inch openings keep the rabbits out.

However, this fence is just two feet tall. That may not be high enough to keep out the most determined rabbits. To make it taller, add another row above the first.

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Welded Fence Wire

Fencer Wire 16-Gauge Welded Rabbit Fence makes a sturdier fence than plain chicken wire, and the smaller openings at the bottom keep rabbits out. You’ll also need to buy posts and clips to secure the fencing. Because this wire is thicker and stronger than most poultry fencing, it should prevent rabbits from crawling under it.

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Coated Welded Fence Wire

Another option is coated welded fence wire, like the Everbilt PVC Rabbit Guard Garden Fence. The green PVC covering makes the fence inconspicuous. Like the other welded wire fencing option, you’ll need to purchase posts and clips. Be sure the bottom of the fence reaches the ground so rabbits can’t crawl under it.

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Cedar Garden Fence Panels

If you have a raised bed vegetable garden, a fence like the Greenes CritterGuard Cedar Garden Fence can be easily installed around it. It comes in two widths, 45- or 21.5-inches, and is 16-1/4-in. tall. There’s also a taller version that can be used as a trellis.

This fence is attractive, functional and easy to remove, allowing access to the garden.

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White Vinyl Fence

Zippity Roger Rabbit White Vinyl Picket Fence panels are a great option if you want the classic look of a white picket fence to protect your garden from rabbits.

This fence isn’t the cheapest; a set of three panels spanning six feet can cost more than $13 per foot. But the panels are easy to install. The fence is resistant to both water and UV rays and comes with a 10-year warranty against cracking, splintering or yellowing.

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Metal Fence Panels

For an easily installed fence that looks like wrought iron, there’s the Zippity Outdoor Products Metal Garden Fence. As noted by several Amazon reviewers, you’ll need to add chicken wire or other smaller mesh fencing to the bottom to foil smaller rabbits.

Black-coated poultry fencing will make it less visible. Cut the poultry fencing to size with wire snips and attach it to the bottom with zip ties.

What to Look For When Buying a Rabbit Fence

When searching for a rabbit fence, opt for durable materials like galvanized steel or welded wire mesh that can withstand a variety of weather conditions and resist rabbit chewing. Next, focus on the height of the fence; aim for at least two feet to prevent rabbits from jumping over. Mesh size is also crucial; select a fence with small gaps between wires to prevent rabbits from squeezing through, ideally one inch or smaller.

Look for options with pre-assembled panels or minimal tools required for setup, especially if you’re doing it yourself. Considering your budget, invest in a fence that offers a balance of affordability and durability for long-term effectiveness.

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What stops rabbits from eating in your garden?

Aside from investing in a fence, try planting rabbit-resistant herbs like marigolds or garlic to keep rabbits from nibbling on your garden or use natural deterrents such as cayenne pepper or human hair. Commercial repellents with ingredients like garlic or hot pepper can also work. Consider covering plants with row covers or netting, and tidy up hiding spots around your garden.