4 Best Cat Fences for Your Home

Updated: May 04, 2023

If you're thinking about buying a cat fence, consider one of these options.

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Picking a Cat Fence

Want to let your indoor cat run around outside but fear he might escape? You might benefit from a cat fence. There are several forms of fences, from tall metal barriers to in-ground deterrents. See some of the best available options online, and which one might be best for your home and kitty.

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Kitty Corral Cat Vinyl Fence Panel

No fenced-in yard? No fret. This 100-foot-long freestanding fence with a curved top by Trident Enterprises will keep your intrepid feline from sneaking out. It also comes in 200- or 300-foot lengths.

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Kitty Corral Cat Fence Conversion System

If you’ve got a fenced-in yard but worry about your cat climbing over, a fence conversion system like this one by Easy Pet Fence is a good solution. It screws in easily and covers 100 feet of fence.

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PetSafe In-Ground Cat Fence

An above-ground fence isn’t always a feasible solution. If that’s the case for you, try an in-ground fence like this one by PetSafe. Establish a perimeter where you want your cat to stay, then attach the cat collar to your cat. When your cat nears the fence, it will hear an uncomfortable tone discouraging any further exploration.

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Anti-Climb Repellent Strips

Place anti-climbing strips like these from Pauls Pest Stopper on the tops of fences to keep your cat from escaping your yard. An added benefit: They also keep unwanted animals out.