10 Flower Bed Fencing Ideas to Spruce Up Your Landscape

Keep kids and dogs out of your beautiful landscaping with these attractive flower bed fencing ideas.

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Amagabeli Decorative Metal Garden Fence

This flower bed fencing is a decorative way to keep your precious plants safe from dogs, kids and more. This classic iron fencing adds an attractive element that goes with a variety of home styles. It comes with a total of five panels, each measuring 18 inches high x 18 inches wide. Here are a few tips for keeping dogs out of flower beds.

“Ordered one section and received it today,” says an Amazon reviewer. “Easy to install, and it looks great. Product will serve its purpose of alerting dog walkers to please keep their four legged friends on the public sidewalk and not on our lawn. Will order more sections today to complete the fence. Thank you for a wonderful and attractive solution.”

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Greenes Fence Half Log Edging

Enhance your flower beds while protecting the soil and mulch with this 18-inch, half-log edging with a staggered height of 5 inches and 7 inches. The fencing features a flexible plastic backing that can be installed as a circle, curve or straight line, and cedar stain gives it a natural look.

“Exactly what I wanted, adds that little bit of flare I needed. Easy to put in, didn’t need to use a mallet or dig a trench, I just pushed them in the ground… looks fantastic! Shipment came fast and no damage. I will be buying more to put in other places. The finish is rough which gives it a great look,” says a reviewer.

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Fashion Garden Willow Expandable Fence

This beautiful and practical flower bed fencing consists of an expandable wood fence made of natural wood. Once expanded, the privacy fence measured 39 inches x 78 inches and features a charming lattice look.

“These work awesome for keeping my little dog from squeezing through gaps in my fence. They stand up to weather well; I live in Colorado and the winter hasn’t effected them,” says a reviewer.

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Amagabeli Arched Iron Fence

The thick stakes of this flower bed fencing make for a durable and sturdy border to protect your landscaping. Each panel is 24 inches x 24 inches, with five panels total. Each piece can be easily interlocked for quick setup and expansion.

“This is the third time we’ve ordered from this seller,” says a reviewer. “We love the product! They are good quality and super easy to install in the yard. We have a new dog that loves to dig and this is working perfectly to keep him out of certain areas. He also likes to eat the organic fertilizer so the fences are a big help!”

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Greenes Fence CritterGuard Cedar Garden Fence

This attractive fence, which comes in a pack of four, features cedar and galvanized steel construction. Each panel measures 45 inches x 23.5 inches and creates a fenced screen of sorts. The stakes go 7 inches into the soil leaving 16.25 inches of fence above ground. This provides proper protection from rabbits and most other critters.

“I bought these along with the shorter pieces for my raised herb bed. They worked great to keep out the rabbits,” says a reviewer. “I personally think they are attractive and well made. The joints do give and slide a bit, so just watch how you press on the wood and you’ll be fine. I waited until it rained and the dirt was soft and I just hand pressed them into the soil. The wood is soft wood, so I wouldn’t want to use a hammer on these. I would pre-dig if the ground wasn’t soft.”

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ABBA ECO Recycled Plastic Decorative Gothic Arch Garden Fence

This border fencing for flower beds is a lightweight alternative to typical metal lawn edging. It has the look of wrought iron, and includes six panels, each measuring 23. 2 inches x 6. 2 inches x 0. 4 inches. It’s an ideal material for DIY landscaping, allowing you to protect and personalize your flower beds.

“These look super great. We use them to block off part of the garden, so the dogs have their own space. It was very easy to install and quite sturdy,” says a reviewer. Have you heard about the living fence? It is a great alternative to regular fencing. It can bloom, attract wildlife and even change with the seasons.

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Decorative Painted Metal Garden Fence

These unusual accented garden borders are simple to set up and arrange because they feature spiked feet that are self-staking. They come in a four-pack, with each measuring 16 inches x 9.25 inches.

“Bought these as accent yard and garden items. Nice cute item and looks great in yard. We mixed them into our other low visible wire garden fences. They keep the dogs out no problem and add some character to the garden,” says a reviewer.

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Zippity Outdoor Products Vinyl Fence Kit

This vinyl fence kit is a great way to keep small pets or small children from destroying your beautiful flower beds. This fencing is easy to install, with no digging required. You simply insert the included pointed stakes in the ground! Each package comes with two units for a total of 184 inches of fence.

“The fence is quality, clean, sturdy, and classy. I know they said not to be used with large dogs but my dog is 135lb but he’s a senior dog. This fence make for a great dog run to prevent him from chasing the chickens all day,” says a reviewer.

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Amagabeli Folding Fencing Landscape Panels

This decorative garden fencing comes with four long panels and two short panels — the long panels are 18 inches x 18 inches and the short panels are 18 inches x 6 inches. The flower bed fencing is designed with no gaps between each panel, making it ideal for keeping out animals.

“This fence was a solution to a problem. . .keeping dogs out of a courtyard garden,” says a reviewer. “I added some decorative paint after painting the fence brown . . .didn’t like the black for my installation but happy with its look now. Exactly as described on Amazon and figured out pretty easily how to fit it together.”

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New England Arbors Country Corner Picket

This charming white picket fence is made of weather-resistant PVC. While it looks like real wood, it’s much more long-lasting and durable. It’s a beautiful 48 inches x 48 inches x 31.5 inches boundary to protect your flower bed.

“We’ve gotten so many compliments on these corner fences, and they were relatively easy to install with the instructions given” says a reviewer. “We’re very pleased! It’s so nice to see our neighbors drive by and give us the thumbs up.”

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