17 Gifts for Gardeners Guaranteed to Please

Updated: Nov. 17, 2023

The best gifts for gardeners are more than practical, they’re artful. Impress anyone with a green thumb with these thoughtful presents.

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Gardener's Tool Seat Ecomm Uncommongoods.comVIA MERCHANT

Spring is on the horizon, which means a renewed interest in gardening. For avid horticulturists, it’s a year-round activity. For beginners or those reviving a garden, the warmer months mean they’ll be on the hunt for new tools to grow their greenery. Whether you’re shopping for a birthday, anniversary or Mother’s Day present, we found the best gifts for gardeners of all skill levels.

The best presents make gardening easier, so we hand-picked (pun intended) options that are both practical and stylish. From gardening tools to harvest baskets to storage essentials, these gifts help foliage flourish. Shop our finds to spruce up backyard greenhouses or indoor plant collections—you might even find something you need for yourself.

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Fiskars Powergear2 Pruner Ecomm Amazon.com

Powerful Pruner

Gifts for gardeners that upgrade their old tools and make their favorite hobby more efficient are always a smart idea. Give the the gift of reduced hand fatigue with this powerful Fiskars pruner. This bad boy cuts through branches that are 3/4 of an inch thick like butter. The contoured handle comfortably fits the natural mold of a hand and stays put with a no-slip grip.

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Growled Led Umbrella Plant Grow Light Ecomm Amazon.com

Umbrella Grow Light

Not all grow lights are created equally—frankly, some are an eyesore. But this GrowLED Light comes in an adorable umbrella shape and trendy hues, like mellow yellow and neo-mint green. Plus, it has all the features you’re looking for in a grow light: three optimal light spectrums, a smart timer, a dimmer button and more. Pair it with a garden gift basket for an over-the-top gift idea.

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Waterproof Canvas Garden Apron Ecomm Shopterrain.com

Waterproof Garden Apron

File this under gifts for gardeners of any gender. This Terrain apron is made from a practical waterproof canvas with a stylish faux-suede front pocket—perfect for storing tools, seeds and more. Planting, potting and picking can be dirty jobs, but this apron helps clothes stay clean and dry.

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Muck Boot Women's Rubber Garden Boots Snow Ecomm Amazon.com

Rubber Garden Boots

It’s no secret that we love Muck Boots, and their Rubber Garden Boots are a must-have for serious, year-round gardeners. They’re made with a waterproof rubber base and a comfortable neoprene lining that won’t chafe the skin. In cold and wet weather, the mid-height shaft provides ankle warmth and keeps water and ice off the feet. On warmer days, the top rolls down for more breathability and reveals an adorable floral-print design.

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Harvest Gourmet Herbs Seed Pod Kit Ecomm Aerogarden.com

Countertop Garden

Bring herbs inside to cook with AeroGarden’s most popular design, the Harvest. The six-pod indoor garden takes up minimal space on the counter and allows you to grow herbs, veggies and greens right in the kitchen. Simply plant the seed pods into the Harvest and let it go to work. In a few weeks, you’ll have ready-to-eat plants.

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Gardener's Harvest Basket Ecomm Uncommongoods.com

Harvest Basket

Quit dragging dirt-covered veggies into your house with this traditional garden basket. What sets this sturdy pine hardwood carrier apart is the interior wire mesh bottom and sides. Hose off your harvest directly in the basket. You can even personalize the sides with a family name for an extra-special touch.

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Toppers Womens Mens Sun Hat Rollable Upf 50+ Wide Brim Gardening Hat With Neck Flap Ecomm Amazon.com

Wide-Brim Sun Hat

Consider this one of those thoughtful (and necessary) gifts for gardeners who spend countless hours out in the sun. UV rays are no joke, but this UPF 50+ sun hat shields their face and neck while maintaining a garden. The lightweight and waterproof design comes in a range of different colors to suit any style. A drawstring closure keeps it secure, and the neck flap rolls up and down, too.

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Gardener's Tool Seat Ecomm Uncommongoods.com
via merchant

Gardener’s Tool Seat

This lightweight, multi-purpose stool is a tool bag and folding seat hybrid. It’s made of sturdy steel and nylon fabric, so you can pop a squat anywhere in your garden to put a few plants in the ground. Our favorite feature? The wrap-around tool bag easily detaches from the stool. It has two handles to carry it around and keep it close to you for easy-access.

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Stargazer Garden Lights Color Story Bulbs Ecomm Anthropologie.com

Stargazer Garden Lights

These green-hued LED bulbs are inspired by nature and made for nature. They can be used outside or indoors, but we love the way the green bulbs light up a garden or a glass greenhouse in the evening.

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Cut Glass Plant Mister Ecomm Shopterrain.com

Cut Glass Mister

Tropical houseplants—like those philodendrons you have hanging all over—love a little misting action! And this cut-glass plant mister with brass detailing is designed for indoor gardening. It’s a beautiful piece you’ll want to leave out on a shelf or plant table to enjoy its timeless, elegant look.

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5pc Steel & Glass Plant Propagation Vase Set Ecomm Target.com

Glass Propagation Vase Set

This five-piece steel and glass propagation vase set adds charm to an entryway table or kitchen shelf. Place a few cuttings with water in each tube and let them root. When they’re ready, transfer them to dirt and start the propagation process again. Soon you’ll have more greenery than you know what to do with! Pro tip: Plants always make wonderful gifts for gardeners.

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Professional Long Reach Watering Can Ecomm Shopterrain.com

Long Reach Watering Can

You can’t go wrong with gifts for gardeners that make everyday gardening chores (like watering plants) easier. This powder-coated watering can is built to last with heavy-gauge steel that’s galvanized for rust-prevention. It has a removable brass rose and comes in two sizes and two color options.

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6pk Metal Herb Marker Ecomm Target.com

Copper Herb Signs

This six-piece herb marker set helps keep track of what’s growing in your indoor herb garden. The signs are for some of the most popular household varieties: basil, mint, parsley, rosemary, thyme and sage. They’re eight inches tall and easily visible from any pot. The metal markers are also rust-resistant, so you can use them over and over again.

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Julia Berolzheimer Potting Station Ecomm Potterybarn.com

Potting Station

Serious gardeners need an outdoor station for potting supplies and tools. This hand-painted, solid-wood piece from Pottery Barn can be used outdoors or inside a mudroom or greenhouse. It has spacious drawers, shelves, closed cabinets and hooks to store pots, dirt, hats, shoes, watering cans and more.

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Heirloom Garden Arm Saver Gloves Ecomm Shopterrain.com

Arm Saver Garden Gloves

Terrain’s Heirloom Garden Gloves showcase an exclusive floral print designed by Portland-based illustrator Kate Blairstone. The garden gloves feature a long cuff to shield your arms from the sun, scratches, and bites. A wrist buckle and drawstring closure at the end keeps hands clean. After a long day of digging in the dirt, pop these gardening gloves in the washing machine for easy cleaning.

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Cactus Theme Self Watering Plant Ecomm Etsy.com

Decorative Watering Bulbs

These hand-blown glass bulbs are made to look like little cacti. Watering bulbs keep your plants from drying out while you’re away on vacation. Simply dig a hole in the soil and insert the bulb. It’ll automatically release the right amount of water for your plant. It’s a helpful tool if you forget to care for greenery, too, along with these other self-watering planters.

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Over The Table Rod Ecomm Shopterrain.com

Over-the-Table Rod

Buying gifts for gardeners that allow them to display their treasured foliage is a sweet idea, especially when it’s this good-looking. Wrap greenery, flower arrangements, and lights around this iron rod to create a statement piece for the garden decor with your backyard landscaping. It’s guaranteed to make any indoor or outdoor dinner party feel enchanted.

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