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These are the Highest Rated Gardening Gloves on Amazon

Is it time for a new pair of gardening gloves? Here are the gloves Amazon buyers like best.

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Bamboo Gardening Gloves

There’s a lot to love about bamboo as a material for gardening gloves. The fabric is soft and breathable, plus the fibers contain a natural antibacterial agent. And, because bamboo fabric is more absorbent than cotton or synthetic fabrics, the bamboo absorbs perspiration and keeps your hands cool.

Amazon reviewers love these gloves. ”Snug fit, very dexterous, feel very protected from wet soil and yard debris,” one person says. “Really love these gloves for gardening and even for light construction (sanding wood). Grip is really good and helps me get my hands ‘dirty’ when I don’t really feel like it. No need for a nail brush after gardening with these gloves.”

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Leather Thorn- and Cut-Proof Gardening Gloves

These gardening gauntlets were designed to be flexible, comfortable and durable, so you can work safely and efficiently. They offer supreme protection against roses and thorny shrubs, while the unique stitching around the thumb makes it easier to grip garden tools, which is ideal for those suffering from wrist and hand issues.

“I bought these gloves because I got tired of being scratched and poked when I trim my rose bushes. The price was reasonable so I thought I’d give them a try,” says an Amazon reviewer. “They arrived a few days ago and I decided to give them a real test on some blackberry vines that were taking over a large flowering bush I have. Some of the vines were over 12 feet long with huge thorns. I was able to just grab a hold and pull. The gloves prevented me from getting stuck or scratched. I LOVE THEM. if I could give a higher score I would.”

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Nitrile Coated Women’s Gardening Gloves

These gloves will fit you like a second skin thanks to the 100-percent nylon shell with nitrile coating. These gloves come in a six-pack, featuring assorted colors. Durable, flexible and lightweight, they allow gardeners to easily pick things up while still being tough enough to handle the prickles of rough bushes.

“This product provides 6 pairs of gloves for about what 3 pairs of my old gloves cost now,” says an Amazon reviewer. “I’ve been wearing one pair since I received these. After 1 month of using the same pair, wearing them for a total of probably 15-20 hours of yard work, including lots of weed pulling and some work with thorny plants, there are no tears, no holes and they are still going strong.”

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Waterproof Gardening Gloves with Claws

These sleek-looking gloves feature four built-in durable ABS plastic claws on each hand that make for easy digging and planting, so you can skip the hand tools when doing gardening work! The gloves are waterproof and puncture resistant thanks to the natural latex rubber coating material. The nylon knitting on the back of the hand ensures a comfortable and breathable design that keeps hands cool and dry even in summer.

One Amazon reviewer says they’re super fun and practical. “I love these garden gloves. I call them my werewolf gloves. The plastic is strong and resilient with pointed fingernails to aid with moving dirt. They are soft to wear. I can wash them easily with the hose and leave them outside to air dry. Really like them.”

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Gardening Gloves with Genuine Deerskin Leather

The genuine deerskin suede leather these gardening gloves are made from provides superior flexibility, breathability, sweat absorption and durability. These gloves also have a micro-elastic fabric back and wrist, providing a snug fit. They also feature touch-screen fingertips on the right index finger and thumb, so you’ll never miss a call while gardening!

“These gloves are my new favorites!” says an Amazon reviewer. “Generally speaking, I’m super hard on all my tools & work clothing and I buy the sturdiest things that I can afford. It also means that when I buy gloves they are either bulky-stiff-uncomfortable or flimsy-but-comfy and I tend to blow out the fingers within a day or two. These gloves feel like stretchy heaven when I put them on! The leather palm is tough enough for ax-hatchet & tree pruning work but the mesh allows my hands to breath & flex without restraint.”

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Thorn-Proof Gardening Gloves

Made of pigskin leather, these gardening gloves provide supreme breathability due to the hide’s porous texture. The type of leather also dries soft after getting wet, keeps your hands cool and comfortable and ensures wear resistance and puncture resistance. The elbow-length gauntlet cuff protects forearms from cuts and scratches, so you can steer clear of painful cuts while working.

“These were exactly what I needed. My hands are a women’s large and they fit just right. The cuff came up to my elbow. They breathe because of the leather material they are made from. I do landscaping and was looking for something comfortable to wear when weeding and trimming trees. Excellent product,” says an Amazon reviewer.

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Superior Goatskin Leather Gardening Gloves

These Kevlar-lined garden gloves provide top-notch protection from cutting hazards while ensuring supreme comfort and dexterity. Made of premium goatskin leather, they’re soft, lightweight and have high tensile strength and abrasion-resistant properties.

“Seriously, these are amazing gloves. They take a little to break in at first as they are somewhat thick due to the Kevlar but once you do the dexterity is good and the durability is fantastic,” says an Amazon reviewer. “I was going through a pair of deer skin and cow hide per weekend working with stones and concrete. These last for much, much longer and are very comfortable.”

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Cow-Leather Gardening Gloves

Made from carefully selected high-quality cow leather, these garden gloves are both thick as well as soft and supple. The elastic wrist design keeps dirt and debris out of the inside of the gloves while avoiding pricks from bushes. Furthermore, the gunn cut and keystone thumb design ensure superior durability and flexibility since the seams are set away from the palm.

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Super-Grippy Gardening Gloves

These functional gloves are great for weeding, planting and much more. The water-resistant coating ensures no more wet hands when working. These gloves also feature an elastic material that makes keeping a firm grip on slippery and awkward items a breeze, while the protective coating makes for the utmost safety. The result is a lightweight, comfortable and durable pair of garden gloves that you’ll love.

“Really like these gloves. I wear them weeding, planting, pruning with tools, but feel nothing. Breathable and comfortable. Worth the price,” says an Amazon reviewer.

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Thorn-Proof Goatskin Leather Gardening Gloves

These 100-percent natural premium goatskin gloves feature a buttery soft texture from the lanolin, which acts to moisturize hands. The extended split suede cuff prevents cuts on the arms, while the ergonomically designed thumbs make it easier to grip garden tools.

“I bought these to use for trail clearing in Arizona, where every plant is festooned with spikes and ready to shred lesser gloves,” says an Amazon reviewer. “When doing battle with fearsome brush, especially Cat Claw, these gloves did the job. The glove part over the hands did a good job of protecting my hands when picking up cuttings and grabbing stalks to move for access to a cut point.”

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