What’s In My Toolbox? A Master Gardener’s Essential Tools

Updated: Mar. 18, 2024

A professional gardener shares a look at the tools she uses most frequently on the job.

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As a professional gardener, Tami Gallagher has spent a lot of time working with a lot of different tools. Gardening is tough, dirty work, and Gallagher knows exactly what she needs for each task. Here are some of her favorite gardening tools for everyday use.

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Husky Tool Pouch

Being a gardener means Gallagher doesn’t use a traditional “toolbox.” Instead, she relies on this Husky Tool Pouch to keep everything organized and within reach.

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Felco Hand Pruner

Gallagher always keeps this hand pruner from Felco, well, handy. Made from forged aluminum, this pruner features an ergonomic handle and a blade that provides clean, precise cuts.

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Planter’s Pal Trowel

This Planter’s Pal trowel is a friend not only to Gallagher, but to gardeners everywhere. A multi-faceted tool, it can be used to dig, cut, transplant and measure, saving you space in your tool pouch.

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Silky Folding Saw

The last of Gallagher’s three essential hand tools is this Silky folding saw. The five-inch blade boasts 8.5 teeth per inch, perfect for sawing and pruning even the toughest plants and the gnarliest roots.

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Garden Gloves and Safety Boots

Gardeners can go through many gardening gloves and boots before settling on their favorites. Gallagher found hers to be these dexterous but durable garden gloves and these waterproof safety boots from Red Wing.

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HydroFlask Water Bottle

Even the most experienced gardener can’t do their best work if they’re dehydrated. Gallagher takes care of that issue by always keeping her HydroFlask water bottle nearby and filled. The HydroFlask can take a beating and keeps liquids at the same temperature for hours.

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