What’s In My Toolbox? A Pro Plumber’s Most Essential Tools

Updated: Jun. 23, 2023

A long-time plumbing professional shares a look inside her toolbox.

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Meet the Pro

Judaline Cassidy is a New York City-based plumber who has been working in the trades for more than 25 years. Over the course of her career, Judaline has become an advocate for women in the trades and gained valuable insight into what it takes to be a plumber. We spoke with her to get a better idea of her daily life on the job and asked her to give us a look at the most indispensable tools in her toolbox.

Check out this profile to learn more about Judaline and the story of her career.

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Judaline’s Plumbing Toolbox

Here are some of the most essential tools Judaline brings with her every day on the jobsite:

Channellock Pliers

Judaline’s go-to pair of pliers is this set of “baby” Channellocks. This compact pair of pliers is a versatile tool Judaline can use for a variety of tasks, while also small enough that she can easily carry it around in her pocket.

Four-Way Screwdriver

If you’re only going to carry a few tools with you, make one of them a multitool. Judaline always has this four-way screwdriver from Milwaukee on-hand while she’s working. It’s a versatile tool that comes with eight bits and three nut drivers.

Tape Measure

Trying to work with a low-quality, banged-up tape measure can really slow you down. That’s why Judaline always has this trusty, 25-ft. tape measure at her side. The blade is covered in an anti-tear coating and its fully-reinforced frame can withstand up to an 80-ft. drop.

Pipe Wrench

No plumber’s toolbox is complete without a quality pipe-wrench. Judaline carries around this heavy-duty wrench from RIDGID which features a fully-adjustable hook jaw that fits a wide range of pipe diameters.


When she’s on the jobsite, Judaline wears either a bandana or a beanie, depending on the weather. Her favorites are this beanie from Carhartt and this bandana from Tools and Tiara’s. Judaline founded Tools and Tiara’s, an organization dedicated to giving a helping hand to young girls and women who want to pursue a non-traditional trade.