30 Last-Minute DIY Gifts for Mother’s Day

Updated: May 16, 2024

Get Mother's Day right with an awesome DIY gift for mom.

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Succulent11 Courtesy Holly Bertone Pink Fortitude

Succulent Planter

Upcycle some of those empty plastic containers floating around the kitchen into a lovely set of rustic looking planters. All you need is twine and glue to give mom a beautiful succulent planter she can put in her window, on her desk, a bedside table or anywhere else.

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DIY Butterfly house
Family Handyman

Gifts for Mom: Butterfly House

If your mom loves butterflies, this DIY butterfly house makes the perfect gift. It’s super-simple to build and costs less than $20. This unique DIY gift will delight mom for years to come. This project is incredibly simple.

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Salt Dough Ornament Flowers
The Best Ideas for Kids

Gifts for Mom: Salt-Dough Photo Magnets

How many magnets or photos does mom have stuck on her fridge? Probably plenty, but you know she’ll be thrilled to receive these handmade DIY gifts from her kids or grandkids. You only need a few basic supplies to make these DIY gifts, and there’s a video tutorial so you (and the kids) know exactly what to do. Here are the complete instructions for this easy DIY project.

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Hexagon Shelves Lead

Gifts for Mom: Hexagon Shelves

All moms treasure unique DIY gifts, so for Mother’s Day, why not give her a place to show them off? These shelves are surprisingly easy to make and only require basic tools and glue.

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tile patio table
Family Handyman

Gifts for Mom: Stone-Top Patio Table

Busy moms need a break, and what could be more relaxing than sipping a cool drink on the deck or patio? With that in mid, give mom a place to set her glass of sweet tea by making this stylish patio table! It’s just 16 inches x 16 inches and is very easy to build. The top is a single stone tile! Everything you need to know to build it is right here.

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Gifts for Mom: Cute Plant Markers

These one-of-a-kind plant markers hold a label or seed packet with bent copper wire set in a decorative base. They’re very easy to assemble and you can decorate with rocks, glass beads, seashells, whatever you have on hand. These plant markers are great gifts for every mom or grandma who likes to garden.

And send mom this link on the 11 best plants for container gardening.

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quick tile coasters

Gifts for Mom: Quick & Easy Coasters

Want to make a gift for mom but you don’t have much time? All you need to make these coasters is ceramic tiles (which come in a million shapes and colors) and a pack of small, self-adhesive bumpers. That’s it!

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garden tool box

Gifts for Mom: Rustic Garden Toolbox

This light, strong, one-of-a-kind toolbox will delight your mom or grandma. Once you gather the materials and tools, this project will only take a couple of hours. Here are the complete how-to instructions.

This simple rack holds shovels and rakes up and out of the way.

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Gifts for Mom: DIY Candles

You can repurpose small glass jars and turn them into lovely candles! The beeswax and wicks are from BetterBee.com and the jars shown here are Oui-brand yogurt jars. Check out the complete how-to instructions for this project here.

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1001 Home Hints Tips

Gifts for Mom: Hints & Tips Book

Does your mom like to give advice? If so, she’ll love this book! Give her 1,001 ingenious nuggets of knowledge and she’ll have plenty of DIY advice to last for years. Order her a copy of this helpful book, here.

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Photo: D. Thomas Treadwell

Gifts for Mom: On-Trend Serving Tray

This serving tray is constructed of vintage oak barn wood and black iron handles. It has that popular industrial look and the hardwood pegs add a touch of hand-wrought charm. Mom will be impressed when she opens this gift! This project is a little more complex and takes a bit more time, but your mom will definitely appreciate it.

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Gifts for Mom: All-Purpose Stool
Family Handyman

Gifts for Mom: All-Purpose Stool

This useful stool is easy to make with a jigsaw and router. You can dress it up even more with a finish to match your mom's decor.
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T50R.E.D Professional Staple Gun and Nailer from Arrow Fastener

T50R.E.D Professional Staple Gun and Nailer from Arrow Fastener

Is your sweetheart a furniture makeover master? If so, they would love the T50R.E.D Professional Staple Gun and Nailer from Arrow Fastener. This handheld tool drives both staples and nails into hard and soft surfaces with ease. It's especially handy for upholstery projects. Click here to buy it now.
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Mother's Day Gift Ideas: Simpson Strong-Tie Workbench or Shelving Hardware Kit

Mother's Day Gift Ideas: Simpson Strong-Tie Workbench or Shelving Hardware Kit

Your DIY mom will have fun creating her own work space with this Simpson Strong-Tie Workbench or Shelving Hardware Kit. It comes with plans and all of the necessary hardware to build a super-sturdy bench. Sweeten the gift by including the 2x4 lumber, plywood and pegboard and your mom will be ready to roll. Click here to buy it now.
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DIY cutting board
Family Handyman

Gifts for Mom: Wooden Cutting Board

If your mom likes to cook, this great-looking cutting board and serving tray is sure to bring a sparkle to their eye. Handcrafted with love, by you, they’ll think of you every time they use it. Or you can plan together on how to build a gazebo for grilling.

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herringbone wine rack
Family Handyman

Gifts for Mom: Herringbone Wine Rack

Construct this herringbone-pattern wine rack in minutes with eight uniform pieces of 1×8 pine and a pocket-hole jig. Finish the piece with a couple of contrasting colors to bring out the pattern, and be sure to include a few bottles of wine when you gift it to your friends!

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simple tablet stand
Family Handyman

Gifts for Mom: Simple Stand

Want a tablet stand you can make in just minutes? You’ll need a board, a dowel, some wood glue and a drill for this minimalist design.

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Add a Pegboard Wall
Family Handyman

Gifts for Mom: Add a Pegboard Wall

Need space and somewhere to hang things, look no further than pegboard. It’s been a favorite of moms for decades and you can start here to get some ideas for the mom in your family.
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photo collage serving tray
Family Handyman

Gifts for Mom: Photo Collage Tray

Why leave your favorite photos of winter fun stashed away in albums? Display them in your home for all to enjoy. A white wood tray provides the perfect backdrop for snowy snapshots of loved ones. We used a tray with an acrylic piece to cover these black-and-white photos. Wintry stickers accent the arrangement with splashes of color.

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Africa Studio/Shutterstock

Gifts for Mom: Terrarium

Build someone a terrarium. And find a glass container, add some sand and small pebbles and some succulents. Also, you can even add small plastic figurines for a one-of-a-kind look.

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Gifts for Mom: DIY Key Chains

If you have some fabric scraps, you can make these key chains. And you’ll also need a key ring, some scissors, an iron and a little patience. Follow the tutorial at craftinessisnotoptional.com. This is one of those gifts you can make a whole bunch of in a short time.

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Gifts for Mom: Welcome Sign

Take some sanded, reclaimed wood and paint a welcome sign for that special person on your list. And use a stencil for lettering and acrylic paint in your choice of colors.

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Gifts for Mom: Wreath

With a few craft supplies, wreaths are gifts you can make. There are a variety of wreaths you can easily make in just a couple hours. And try this DIY bird feeder wreath that is made from seed heads and a grapevine.

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Planter Box
Family Handyman

Gifts for Mom: Planter Box

There are several simple planter designs available online that are inexpensive to make and require just a few tools. And try this wooden planter box that you can make in about an hour.
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Gifts for Mom: Scrabble Art

Find an old Scrabble board and letters (resale shops are a good bet) and create some art. And you’ll need a frame or shadow box and some glue to secure the letters. Just pick out letters for special words of your choice and glue them in place.

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Wood Coasters

Gifts for Mom: Wood Coasters

Get cutting! These elm branch coasters are finished with an oil/wax mixture to protect the wood and bring out the color. And wrap up the coasters with a festive ribbon for great DIY gifts you can make.
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Mattress Spring Flower Wall
Courtesy mer

Gifts for Mom: Mattress Spring Flower Wall

This clever DIYer used old mattress springs for a flower wall. The springs are hung on the side of the house near the patio.

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Gifts for Mom: Hanging Frame Wall

If you’re looking for an easy woodworking project, try building your own frame to use as a living wall. Use landscape fabric or even plastic on the back to contain the soil, and then hang the whole thing on a wall or fence.

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mini greenhouse with old window
Family Handyman

Gifts for Mom: Mini Greenhouse

If you don’t have space for a walk-in greenhouse, this mini greenhouse is the perfect alternative. It is made from cedar boards and a repurposed window to save time and effort in construction. The hinged lid is perfect for providing ventilation and acclimating your seedlings before planting in the garden. You can make this greenhouse in a couple of hours using basic power tools. And check out our guide to how to start seeds indoors.

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Thyme Saver
Family Handyman

Gifts for Mom: Thyme Saver

If your spices are jammed into a drawer with only the tops visible, this nifty rack that slips neatly into the drawer will solve the problem. And it only takes an hour to build. Make it with scraps of 1/4-in. and 1/2-in. plywood.