12 Best Outdoor Self Watering Planters for Easy Container Gardening

From big to small, stand-up to hanging on the wall, these self-watering planters will save you time and help you grow happy, healthy plants.

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Mayne Fairfield Window Box Planter

This molded plastic planter is made from 100-percent high-grade polyethylene and features double-wall construction that creates a water reservoir. The reservoir on this self-watering planter holds approximately 3 gallons.

“My husband installed 3 of these at our beach bungalow because we’re only there on weekends,” says an Amazon reviewer. “I think he’s filled the reservoir twice all summer. The flowers look amazing.”

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Keter Urban Bloomer

Featuring a 22.4-gallon soil capacity, the Keter Urban Bloomer features a self-watering system and drainage tap for hassle-free hydration. The elevated design ensures you avoid crouching, kneeling or straining, as you can easily maintain your garden in a standing or seated position. This is a great choice if you’re planning to get serious about container gardening.

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Tabor Tools Hanging Planter

This self-watering hanging planter features a trendy rattan look that will add some style to your patio. It features a water reservoir and a water-level indicator that tells you when it’s time to refill the reservoir. This ensures you don’t accidentally over- or under-water.

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Exaco Planter with Trellis

This self-watering planter with trellis features a 2-1/2-gallon reservoir and a water-level indicator with convenient easy-fill filling tube. It’s made of UV-resistant polyethylene and is easy to move with its lockable wheels. Its large capacity means it can be left alone for a couple weeks while you go on vacation!

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Lechuza Cubico Planter

The self-watering system of this planter features granulate compounds that provide the right amount of water to plant roots. Along with a water-level indicator that lets you know when it’s time to refill the reservoir, there’s also a drainage plug to remove excess rainwater.

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Resin Wall Hanging Planters

This set of two wall hanging planters can be mounted indoors or on the outside of your home. The smart design features an internal self-watering disk that makes it more permeable and breathable for plants, while also providing extra space for reserve water. Plus, the drainage plug makes it easy to drain excess rainwater.

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Viva Balcony Railing Planter

This sleek planter has a self-watering feature that allows you to provide your plants with a consistent supply of moisture. The reservoir supplies the root ball with water on an as-needed basis, while the drainage holes are capped with removable plugs.

“Looks awesome and has a great self watering feature. Fit perfectly over my metal railing and did not tip at all. Very stable,” says an Amazon reviewer.

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Lechuza Cube Cottage Planter

The perfect planter for large plants, like lemon trees and ficus plants. The self-watering system consists of granulate compounds that provide the proper amount of water to the plant roots. There’s also a drainage plug and water-level indicator.

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Worth Vertical Wall Hangers with Pots

This 36-pocket wall mounted plant system features self-watering planter pots that have an automatic dripping system. The water from the tap drips on the top row, then moves down to each succeeding row so that all plants are adequately watered.

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Diamond-Shaped Small Pots

This set includes 4 outer basins, 4 inner pots and 4 cotton ropes. Great for indoor or outdoor use for herbs, small flowers or succulents, these flower pots allow you to observe the amount of water present at any time. Avoid watering every day with the automatic suction cotton rope.

“I love these little self watering pots for my African violets and herbs. I used clear Command hooks to attach them to the windows where they are out of reach from my cats,” says an Amazon reviewer.

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Altifarm Elevated Garden Planter

This self-watering elevated indoor-outdoor garden planter allows you to grow luscious produce and flowers without the risk of over-watering. You only need to water once a week. The rest of the time, the built-in self-watering system takes over the work. There’s no water connection, electricity or pump required.

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Sarosora Planter with Coir & Foam Stone

For your flowers, herbs or succulents, these self-watering pots are a great purchase. They include 6 quarts of coconut coir soil and foam stone. The self-watering system features an indicator that allows you to observe the water level at any time. If the water level is below or close to the minimum level, use the special water injection port to easily add more.

“This product is a life saver (at least to my plants),” says an Amazon reviewer. “I sometimes forgot to water my plants due to a busy work schedule and because of this my plants suffer from it. But this product can hold water up to about a week. But what I like most about this is the water injection. You can water your plants from a port where the water will go straight into the soil and not on top. I notice that when I water my plants, little flies always appear! But it hasn’t happen with this pot so I highly recommend.”

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