Ideas for Landscaping With Potted Plants

Updated: Sep. 01, 2023

Potted plants add interest, color and height to your outdoor space. Check out these chic Instagramable ideas for landscaping with potted plants.

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Potted Patio Plants

Bring your patio to life with potted plants like this beauty from @thekatrinablair. For a cohesive look, stick to a limited color palette when choosing planters (in this case, white and gray). Then go wild with various plant species at differing heights and textures, to add interest and draw the eye around your outdoor space.

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Window Box Planter

If you don’t have a lot of floor space for outdoor planters, look up! You may have more opportunities to use wall, hanging or beautiful window planters, like this custom window box by @pretty_pots_gvll. Be sure to choose a window box that can hold potted plants and has holes in the bottom for proper drainage.

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Deck Decorating Ideas with Plants

When decorating a deck, think of plants as you would indoor accessories or artwork. Choose colors and shapes that complement the rest of your outdoor d├ęcor. The simple pots and greenery chosen for this deck by @thepottedpoppy blend seamlessly with the clean-lined architecture and modern furniture.

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Grouping Potted Plants

If one planter looks great, why not three? That’s our motto, anyway! To make a big impact and define your outdoor space, group pots together like in this patio corner by @outdoorscontained. To create the visual impact of one extra-large planter, choose the same pot in three sizes, then use a few of the same plant varieties in all three pots.

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Classic Potted Boxwood

Boxwood topiaries are a timeless choice for your outdoor containers. They have a beautiful, formal look, require little maintenance, and have lush green foliage year round. Place them at an entrance (like this example by @thebalconygarden), along a pathway or near your outdoor living space. A potted boxwood looks good anywhere!

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Modern Square Planters

Round planters are the more traditional choice, but we love the look of square and rectangular planters as well. These black square planters from @caraghnurseries fit well with the modern landscape design. You can find square and rectangle planters for purchase at most nurseries and home improvement stores, or build your own.

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Concrete Planters

Concrete planters are durable and heavy, so there’s little chance of them blowing over in a storm. This patio by @gardensociety features concrete planters that make a stunning impact in this chic and inviting courtyard. Of course, due to their weight, concrete planters can be hard to move. Search for a composite fiberglass version with the same look for a lightweight alternative.

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Varying Heights for Container Plants

Designer Farrah Brown (@sullivaninteriordesign) offers her tips for the perfect container garden. She says to use complementary colors, which can come from flowers or foliage. Include a trailing plant for that beautiful dangling detail. Most importantly, use plants with varying heights. The result is a well-balanced planter that improves as the plants grow. Here are some of the best plants for container gardening.

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Potted Tree

The variety of plants in this garden by @gracedesignsb would look beautiful anywhere. But the choice to incorporate a few gorgeous pots adds interest, texture and color. We especially love the potted tree by the window. When potting a tree, remember to choose a smaller variety that has a slow, manageable growth rate.

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Tall Potted Plants

The two tall pots in this garden designed by @renatafairhallgardendesigns bring height to the area without waiting for tall plants to grow. The simple silhouette and smooth gray finish on these pots provide a nice juxtaposition to the busyness of the surrounding plants and brickwork.