Make your yard more private or give your dog the space to run with these fence installation and repair projects.

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    If You See a Painted Purple Fence, This Is What It Means

    Knowing about purple paint laws can help you stay on the right path when driving or hiking in an unfamiliar place.

    What to Know About Digging Bars

    Learn more about these versatile and powerful digging tools here.

    How To Install A Silt Fence

    Simple steps to minimize erosion on your build site.

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    10 Amazing Front Yard Fence Ideas

    Refresh your curb appeal with these stunning front yard fence ideas from Instagram!

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    Fence Paint: 10 of the Best Color Ideas

    If your faded fence is ready for a makeover, get your paint brush ready and check out these stunning paint...

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    13 Surprising Things That a Homeowner Can Be Fined For

    Homeowners have received fines for some pretty wild things. Here are 13 of the most surprising.

    13 Rules of Etiquette All Good Neighbors Need to Follow

    Because civilization is built on neighbors being civilized to each other.

    30 Outstanding One-Day Backyard Projects

    Save $100s and update your outdoor spaces instantly with these easy and inexpensive one-day backyard projects!

    Jobsite Etiquette Tips for Subcontractors

    Here are some great tips that will keep you and your subcontractors in your customer’s good graces.

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    7 Best Paints for an Outdoor Fence

    Is your weather-worn fence ready for a makeover? From white picket to rugged cedar, here are the top-rated paints for...

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    What to Consider Before Adding a Fence Around Your Yard

    It's been said that good fences make good neighbors. That may be true, but before you add a fence to...

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    10 Common Things a Homeowner Can Be Fined For

    Here's a look at things that can lead to sometimes hefty fines, depending on local laws and covenants, along with...

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    10 Best Outdoor Privacy Screens

    Feel like someone's watching you? Outdoor privacy screens not only block prying eyes but wind, sun and unattractive views, too.

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    How to Choose the Best Fence for Your Dog

    Your dog needs a fence for their protection and well-being. Here's an overview of dog fence types and things to...

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    Best Dog Fences For Every Breed and Homeowner Need

    Invisible, picket or privacy fence? There are as many types of dog fences as there are types of dogs. Perk...

    How to Set Fence Posts That Won’t Rot

    Keep moisture and insects from destroying your cedar fence posts.

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    Stuff We Love: Garden Hand Tools

    Make your gardening chores a breeze with these three tools that get the green thumbs-up.

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    The Best Invisible Fences

    If you want to protect your pet, an invisible fence is a great choice. Here's the best invisible fence for...

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    What to Know About Invisible Fences

    Considering an invisible fence to protect your pet, but need more information? Here's how they work, ballpark costs and potential...

    Cheapskate DIY Picket Fence

    Save tons of money by building a fence using salvaged lumber. Here's how:

    20 Bad Spring Yard Work Habits You Need to Stop Doing

    It's been a long winter and you're ready to start some yard work. But before you grab that rake or...

    How to Renew Wooden Fences

    Shabby to handsome in three easy steps

    No-Gimmick Fence Clamps

    You may think this woodworking gadget is a gimmick at first glance, but it works!

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    How to Build Chain Link Outdoor Dog Kennels

    Find the best size, fencing, flooring and housing for your dog with these dog kennel plans

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    Easy-Clamp Sacrificial Fence

    One of the most necessary table saw accessories!

    10 Modern Yard Fencing Ideas

    The right yard fencing on your property can make a real statement! Ideally, you want a backyard fence that both...

    12 Signs It’s Time To Downsize

    Our lives are dynamic, changing things, and it can be hard to predict our future needs. What once may have...

    12 Really Weird Airbnbs You Can Stay In

    If a white picket fence isn't cutting it, perhaps these Airbnbs will intrigue you.

    Outrageous Celebrity Property Fights

    Maybe it's best to stay away from the glitz and glamor of Hollywood...