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Make your yard more private or give your dog the space to run with these fence installation and repair projects.

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How to Renew Wooden Fences

Shabby to handsome in three easy steps

No-Gimmick Fence Clamps

You may think this woodworking gadget is a gimmick at first glance, but it works!

Quick Table Saw Fence

Check out this clever workshop tip!

Ripping Thin Strips the Safe Way

Ripping thin strips right against the fence can be dangerous, see the safe way to rip thin strips.

Table Saw Sled for Cutting Strips

Make cutting strips on your table saw much safer with this tip.

A Good Way to Cut Plastic Laminate

My favorite method for cutting plastic laminate to size is the table saw with a crosscutting blade. But you shouldn't...

Risky Use of Auxiliary Fence on a Table Saw

Cut mitered edges on the left edge of the board. This way you need no auxiliary fence, no gymnastics to...

Fence-Straddling Push Stick

Cut a hole for a dowel handle in the top of the push stick to keep your hand safely away...

Routing to a T

An older-model drafting T-square—the kind with a wooden and plastic crosspiece—makes a great fence for routing dadoes for shelves in...

Quick and Accurate Dado Cuts

Here’s a neat trick to speed up cutting dadoes for shelves and other cabinet projects. Attach a 2-in. high wood fence...

Dado a Rabbet

You can precisely cut rabbets on cabinet and drawer parts if you clamp or bolt a 3/4-in. thick plywood fence...

Miter Saw Tuneup

If your miter saw isn’t cutting square, the problem is easy to fix. Unplug the saw, loosen the fence bolts,...

Spring Clamp Stop Block

Here’s a stop block that’ll work great on every fence in your shop. Make an L-shaped block to ride upside...

Magnetic Fence for Drill Press or Band Saw

Pick up a Shop-Mag and use it as a fence for repeated accuracy on your drill press or band saw.

Magnetic Band Saw Fence

An 18-in. magnetic tool holder holds firm for accurate cuts and tiny fence-to-blade adjustments are made with the tap of...

Spring-Clamp Stop Block

Cutting boards to the same length on a table saw or miter saw? Make an L-shaped block from scrap wood...

Picture-Perfect Picture Frames

To cut frame moldings faster, build this plywood miter gauge. You won't have to adjust to a conventional miter fence...

Chip-Swallowing Router Fence

This made-from-scraps router fence—along with your shop vacuum— collects wood chips while you work.

Fence-Stradling Push Box

This little three-sided, handled box keeps your fingers a lot safer when you rip boards on a table saw. And...

Biscuit-Joining Workstation

A table saw—with the blade retracted!—is the perfect spot for biscuit joining. The fence keeps the boards from sliding around...

Two Great Drill Press Jigs

Add an adjustable fence to a drill press to make it a lot handier for woodworking projects! A fence is...

Table Saw Fence Sheath

It’s a lot easier to crosscut boards on a table saw or use the surface as a workbench without the...

Dust-Collectin’, Bit-Storin’ Router Fence

This router fence makes things easy in the workshop with its dust-collecting abilities and bit storage capabilities. See how it...

No-Slide Miter Fence

Reader Ed Dies has a smart idea: Press strips of stair tread safety tape on your table saw’s miter gauge...

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