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7 Popular Vinyl Fence Colors

Frame your home and increase your curb appeal with these popular vinyl fence colors.

white vinyl privacy fence in a neighborhoodOceanProd/Getty Images


Those dreaming of a white picket fence can get it with wood or vinyl. Either way, it’s a perennially popular pick.

“White has a clean, crisp look that can really brighten up your yard,” says Jennifer Spinelli of Watson Buys in Denver, Colo. “It’s also a great choice if you want to create a more formal look with your fence.”

black vinyl fence gate in front of a white modern houseOceanProd/Getty Images


Black is a classic color that Spinelli says will never go out of style. “It’s popular for many reasons, including its ability to complement any home’s exterior and its sleek, modern look,” she says.

It’s also prized for its versatility because it can be paired with nearly any other color. Plus, the growing trend of choosing black trim makes it a natural fit for many homeowners. Spinelli says it’s durable and long-lasting.

Gray Fence with green vines next to itOceanProd/Getty Images

River Rock Gray

“River rock gray is a beautiful, unique color that is becoming more and more popular for fences,” says Spinelli. “This color has a natural look that can really complement your landscape.

Bryan Potts, owner of General Carpentry LLC in Iowa, says various shades of gray are often chosen to give a modern look after renovations. “Variations on the brightness of the gray can be made to draw contrast with the exterior color of the home and to yield a crisp remodeled look,” he says.

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Chocolate brown is another classic color popular for vinyl fences, Spinelli says. “Brown has a warm, rich, inviting look that can really add to the curb appeal of your home,” she says, adding it’s less likely to fade in the sun and more resistant to scratches and other damage.

Steve Elliott, owner of Restoration 1 Minnetonka in Minnesota, says, “Brown tones are always a good choice because they go well with most trim colors.”

Weathered Wood Vinyl Fence gateOceanProd/Getty Images

Weathered Wood

Shaun Martin, CEO of We Buy Houses in Denver, Colo., says driftwood-inspired tones are gaining in popularity but have lasting power, too. “This light, driftwood-inspired color is perfect for creating a beachy look,” he says. “It’s also great for hiding imperfections and blending in with your surroundings.”

A weathered wood-colored vinyl fence will last much longer than one made from actual weathered wood!

classic brown street home door aluminum gate slats portal of suburb houseOceanProd/Getty Images

Natural Oak

Martin says he’s a fan of the rich, golden-brown color of natural oak vinyl fencing, in part because it creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. When thinking about fence colors, consider the surroundings. A natural oak colored-fence offers a beautiful backdrop and contrast for your landscaping.

Blue Vinyl Fence in a residential backyardOceanProd/Getty Images


Potts suggests blue as a wild-card fence color choice.

“It is said to have a calming effect, particularly when paired with rough-sawn or otherwise natural looking timber,” he says. “It balances well with green in the yard and garden, and the various hues can be considered to match your taste and the color temperature of your home.”

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