9 Creative Fence Gate Ideas

Updated: Dec. 01, 2023

Don't settle for ordinary. Let these fresh fence gate ideas inspire you to buy or build a functional yet fun fence gate in your yard.

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Playful Pencil Gate

A colored pencil gate? Why not! The husband and wife team from @casa_colorful transformed plain wood posts into “pencils” by carving the ends and painting them.

You can’t help but smile looking at their whimsical gate. It proves that letting your creativity run wild can make something as ordinary as a gate stop you in your tracks.

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Metal Cut-Out Gate

Computer numerical control (CNC) plasma cutting, i.e. a metal cutting technique featuring a plasma torch controlled from a computer, allows metalworking experts @firebeards.fabrication to cut intricate designs. For this gate, a client sent an image of a tree, and the metal was cut within an hour! The intricate design of the tree contrasts nicely with the straight lines of the wood fencing.

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Geometric Wood Gate

This sleek wood gate designed by @sage_and_beryl features wood planks arranged into a diagonal geometric design. The beauty of the natural wood grain and knots spruce up the stark white siding. A solid wood gate like this is a great choice if you value privacy above all.

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Arched Gate

A classic arched-top gate like this¬†looks like it belongs at the entrance to a cozy country cottage. The pop of color looks great next to the stone columns, and don’t forget the hardware! The right hinges and latch can be the perfect finishing touch, like jewelry for your gate. This one features a contemporary ring latch from @360yardware.

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Steel Fence Gate

Gates often are designed differently than the rest of the fence, with a contrasting color, material and/or height. But if you prefer a minimalist look, your fence gate can blend in flawlessly with the rest of the fence (almost like a secret door!), as seen here on this fence by @dahlstrom_designs.

The vertical steel planks of the fence carry on to the gate, providing a seamless transition and clean look.

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Sliding Gate

This distinctive fence by @bsqdesign with frosted glass panels needed an equally special gate. The sliding wood-plank gate/door, with an oversized handle, pairs well with the fence. It’s a modern take on the sliding barn door.

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Double Gate

Some driveways, paths for horses or farms with large equipment require a double gate. This one by @tattonfencing offers a mix of styles. While the natural wood and pointed posts suggest traditional, the vertical planks on the gate doors also give it a contemporary look. The result is a beautiful gate that won’t go out of style.

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Diy Fence Gate in a backyard
Family Handyman

DIY Fence Gate

This fence and gate tutorial (start at Step 17 for details about the gate) will teach you how build a gate that never sags.

The keys are the panel boards angled at 45 degrees. Each functions as a brace to keep the panel from drooping over time. The outer frame on each side also overlaps in opposite ways at each corner to make the gate even more solid.

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Cedar Estate Garden Gate Ecomm Via Cedarwoodfurniture.com
via merchant

Windowpane Gate

If your gate needs are more about style than security, consider something like this charming cedar wood gate with a windowpane design. This gate would look beautiful as an entry to a vegetable patch or garden path. Made from naturally durable red cedar, the wood resists decay, fungi and insects.