10 Fence Painting Color Ideas

Updated: Mar. 29, 2023

If your faded fence is ready for a makeover, get your paint brush ready and check out these stunning paint color ideas.

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A white picket fence is the traditional choice, but don’t be afraid to go dark and bold. @grass.to.garden proves trending navy blue, for example, looks stunning on an outdoor fence. The inky color creates a grounding effect for the plants around it.

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More and more, pink is being used as a neutral color in home décor — it goes with everything! Bring the trend outside with a pink fence, like this one from @housekidscats. The black furniture and green plants pop against the pink backdrop for a cozy, chic look. Pink is also one of the colors known for reducing anxiety, which can only help encourage outdoor relaxation.

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Colorful Mural

Artist @colourfulsaz created this mural on her parents’ fence using blue, green and ivory. We love how it emulates Instagram or a stage backdrop, right in the backyard! A mural is a great way to make a big statement in your outdoor space without spending a lot of money. If your artistic talents are limited, try a simple design like stripes, polka dots or ombre.

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White Fence
Courtesy of @laceandgraceinteriors


Painting a cinder block fence white lends a sleek, modern look, and also makes it a perfect backdrop for whatever it encloses. Case in point: This poolside oasis by @laceandgraceinteriors, where the patio furniture and greenery shine.

Photo by: @natalieryanphotoaz

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This small garden designed by @rachelhartleygardendesign is anything but boring thanks to the dramatic black fence. A common interior design rule says every room should have at least a little black. Outdoors, the same rule can apply. The custom seating and all those green plants become the worthy focus, thanks to that stunning deep black background.

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Painting your fence green may seem like too much of a good thing. But if you choose the right natural green, the fence acts almost like a hedge, becoming a backdrop that showcases your plantings in front. Take this one by @prettypinkhearts1. It acts as a visual extension of the other greenery and makes the yard seem bigger.

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Ready to take your fence to the next level? Go rainbow! Whimsical, fun and unexpected, a rainbow fence will wow guests and give you something to smile about daily. Use bright, bold colors, as in this example by @trish_morfitt, or tone it down with a muted color palette.

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Aqua and Gray

Your fence is a great place to experiment with color, so don’t be afraid to take a risk. This two-tone fence by @stone_still_haven pairs aqua and gray to give a basic fence an uncommon, sophisticated look. Try colors you’ve been reluctant to use indoors for fear of overpowering the space. Go for it!

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This sunshiny yellow fence by @vomontalvan is a real mood brightener. That’s supported by Color Psychology, which calls yellow joyous and radiant, the color of optimism. Pair it with another color for a wholly different version of cheer. Pairing it with white, for example, feels fresh and classic. And Pantone’s 2021 Color of the Year is a combo of yellow and gray.

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Cornflower Blue

It’s hard to go wrong when you look to nature for color inspiration. A fence painted in browns, greens or blues, for example, blends in seamlessly with its outdoor surroundings. This light cornflower blue fence by @broskom_home is the same tone as the sky on a clear summer day, and beautifully shows off the variances in the wood.