10 Unique DIY Fence Ideas

Updated: Apr. 08, 2024

Upgrade the style and privacy of your outdoor space with one of these DIY fence ideas.

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Salvage Yard Fence Courtesy @chasinghazelandnola Via Instagram
Courtesy @chasinghazelandnola/Instagram

Salvage Yard Fence

To make this fence, @chasinghazelandnola went to a local antique shop and asked for all their cuts of barn wood, which came in a variety of colors. At the same shop they also found antique windows and decided to incorporate them into the fence design as well. The result is a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind patchwork fence.

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Faux Hedge Courtesy @natalie Jane X Via Instagram
Courtesy @natalie_jane_x/Instagram

Faux Hedge

To give their plain wood fence a makeover, @natalie_jane painted it a beautiful blue, and then attached a UV-protected faux green hedge directly to the fence. (Here’s a similar option.) The hedge, a lightweight screen, can be installed with nails or zip ties. It’s an easy way to add privacy, lush greenery and a custom look without waiting for a real hedge to grow.

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Paint Makeover Courtesy @megsj1art Via Instagram
Courtesy @megsj1art/Instagram

Paint Makeover

Think of your fence as a blank canvas and transform it into art! That’s what @megsj1art did with this plain black fence. The bold red flowers tie in with the red accents on the house. If your artistic skills are lacking, a large scale stencil provides the same effect.

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Diy Plan Fence Featuring Metal Railing Panels
via merchant

Mesh Wire Fence

Build a wood and wire mesh fence with these DIY plans. The PDF download includes step-by-step instructions, materials and tools lists, plus helpful links and 3D illustrations. The wire panels in the plans, made from 6-gauge powder coated wire, provide durable security without blocking your view.

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woman carrying flowers through the gate of a Vinyl Fence in the backyard
Family Handyman

Install a Vinyl Fence

A board-and-rail vinyl fence is fairly easy to install, and the average vinyl fence can last about 20 years. (The length of your fence manufacturer’s warranty should give an idea of what to expect.) Vinyl fencing requires practically zero maintenance and, unlike wood, you’ll never worry about rotting or termites.

The key to correct installation: Ensuring the posts are plumb and in a straight line. Here’s how.

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Door Fence Courtesy @centricoct Via Instagram
Courtesy @centricoct/Instagram

Door Fence

Here’s a truly one-of-a-kind fence idea made entirely of salvaged doors! Created by @centricoct with doors supplied by @stewartscarpentryllc, the variety of colors and distressed finishes add to the vintage charm.

To create your own, go on a treasure hunt for affordable doors at thrift shops and salvage yards, then install them in a row around your yard. To protect their finish from the outdoor elements, apply your favorite waterproof sealer.

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Deck Privacy Fence
Family Handyman

Deck Privacy Fence

A privacy fence on your deck can help block the occasional nosy neighbor, as well as wind and sun. Here are the step-by-step directions for building one with construction-grade cedar, available at most home improvement stores.

The project involves carefully dismantling existing parts of the deck railing, then attaching cedar posts directly to the deck. The finished product looks great from all angles and turns your deck into a cozy getaway. In case you’re looking for some affordable options, check out these cheap fence ideas.

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Diy Fence Topper Courtesy @fennyflowergirl Via Instagram
Courtesy @fennyflowergirl/Instagram

DIY Fence Topper

To make her dreamy garden feel a little more secluded, @fennyflowergirl attached a fence topper to her existing wood fence. This DIY project is an easy and affordable way to make your outdoor space more private without replacing your whole fence.

Before installing wood trellis toppers like these, be sure to stain the wood (or use a clear varnish) to protect it from the elements.

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Diy Hurdle Fence Panels Courtesy @mill Workers Cottage Via Instagram
Courtesy @mill_workers_cottage/Instagram

DIY Hurdle Fence Panels

You can buy willow hurdle fence panels (also called wattle fencing), but @mill_workers_cottage decided to make his own with materials sourced from his backyard. The results are gorgeous!

Thicker branches form the uprights, with thinner branches woven in between to create a solid fence. Here’s a tip from @mill_workers_cottage: Lay a ladder on its side to hold the vertical branches in place while you weave the horizontal branches.

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Diy Lattice Fence Courtesy @lehmanlane Via Instagram
Courtesy @lehmanlane/Instagram

DIY Lattice Fence

Traditional lattice panels feature a classic diamond pattern, but @lehmanlane aimed for something a little more custom for their backyard lattice fencing. So they made their own with pressure-treated wood.

After leveling the ground and securing the posts, they attached horizontal wood boards every three inches, attaching the boards with a nail gun. Then they did the same with vertical boards. The resulting square-shape lattice looks more modern and will only improve as their hydrangea vine grows.