10 Walkway Design Ideas for Your Backyard

Updated: May 20, 2024

Check out these backyard walkway ideas including stepping stones, stairways and paths that beautify your yard.

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Large Concrete Stepping Stones Courtesy Johnsendesign Instagram
Courtesy @johnsendesign/Instagram

Large Concrete Stepping Stones

In this garden by @johnsendesign, large concrete stepping stones provide a clear path through the wild foliage. The rectangular shape and uniform color, with dark gray river rock in between each step, create a modern style walkway that contrasts nicely with the lush greenery.

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Flagstone And Sod Walkway Courtesy Thatstoneguy Instagram
Courtesy @thatstoneguy/Instagram

Flagstone and Sod Walkway

This flagstone walkway fits well with the carefree style of an English cottage yard or garden. Brian Fairfield of @thatstoneguy says, “My simplest projects are usually also some of my favorites. I’m a ‘less is more’ kinda guy, so simple flags with sod in between really make me smile.”

When laying flagstone, there’s no difficult cutting and fitting. You simply allow the natural shape of each stone to guide the placement.

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Wood Look Concrete Walkway Courtesy Barkmanconcretet Instagram
Courtesy @barkmanconcretet/Instagram

Wood-Look Concrete Walkway

This backyard walkway by @barkmanconcretet. is actually concrete! The slabs, called Bridgewood Slab, feature a realistic wood texture created from actual wood planks. But unlike wood, these concrete planks will never rot or warp. It’s a clever way to incorporate the natural texture of wood into your backyard design, without the maintenance.

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Gravel Walkway Courtesy Elisabethgardengirl Instagram
Courtesy @elisabethgardengirl/Instagram

Gravel Walkway

One of the easiest backyard walkways to install is a simple gravel path, as seen in this garden by @elisabethgardengirl. Gravel comes in an endless number of colors and sizes, making it easy to find one that’s just right for your yard.

To keep your gravel walkway looking fresh, rake it and pull weeds monthly. Every few years, top dress it with a few buckets of new gravel.

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Floating Sandstone Stairs Courtesy Kyoralandscapes Instagram
Courtesy @kyoralandscapes/Instagram

Floating Sandstone Stairs

This beautiful sandstone stairway by @kyoralandscapes gives the illusion that the stairs are simply floating in the hillside. The sharp profile of the steps and minimalist design fit well with the ultra-modern house.

This kind of walkway requires a professional installation. But here’s how you can build your own stone stairway using flat flagstones for the treads and solid blocks of stone, called wallstone, for the risers.

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Flagstone And Granite Walkway Courtesy Dianasdesignsaustin Instagram
Courtesy @dianasdesignsaustin/Instagram

Flagstone and Granite Walkway

This gorgeous path by @dianasdesignsaustin is more than just a walkway; it anchors the overall backyard design. It’s made of large flagstones with decomposed granite and small plants (dwarf mondo grass) in between. The metal edging keeps the pathway contained and neatly separated from the surrounding grass.

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Gravel And Paver Stripe Walkway Courtesy Tomhowardgardens Instagram
Courtesy @tomhowardgardens/Instagram

Gravel and Paver Stripe Walkway

Can’t decide between pavers and gravel? Why not combine them?

The walkway in this backyard design by @tomhowardgardens alternates between white gravel and dark gray pavers, creating a lovely stripe effect. Experiment with different color stones and pavers to get the desired effect. Just be sure to choose two highly-contrasting colors for stripes with crisp edges.

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Natural Fieldstone Stairway Courtesy Madlandscapes Instagram
Courtesy @madlandscapes/Instagram

Natural Fieldstone Stairway

The best backyard walkways blend seamlessly with the landscaping, rather than distract from it. That’s the case with this backyard stairway by @madlandscapes, which looks like it was always meant to be there. The stairs are natural fieldstone, accented with river rock and ornamental grasses on either side.

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Tile Look Walkway Courtesy Sundekofwashington Instagram
Courtesy @sundekofwashington/Instagram

Tile-Look Walkway

This might look like an outdoor tile walkway, but it’s actually made of concrete, which is more durable (no grout maintenance or cracked tiles). @sundekofwashington achieved this walkway with a concrete overlay. It’s applied over your existing concrete and made to look like tile with color and stamping techniques.

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Boardwalk Stairway Courtesy Modern Outdoor Design Instagram
Courtesy @modern_outdoor_design/Instagram

Boardwalk Stairway

This floating boardwalk stairway by @modern_outdoor_design allows for easy strolling up and down the slope of the yard. The warm color of the wood contrasts nicely with the surrounding greenery and stones. Like a wood deck, a wood walkway should be stained and sealed for long-lasting color and durability.