A Paver Path that Grows

This easy-to-build paver path will last a lifetime and looks great too!

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Weave this Trustone paver path just about anywhere in your yard. There's no thick base to install or difficult cutting and fitting; you just lay the stone over a simple dirt bed and lay sod squares.

A Paver Path that Grows

A perfect paving solution for erosion-prone paver paths are these 15-3/4 in. x 23-5/8 in. grid-shaped concrete pavers, called Turfstone. The concrete grid holds soil and grass in place even on steep slopes while providing good traction for wheelbarrows and lawn mowers. Manufacturers recommend installing these pavers over a compacted gravel base for driveways or other heavy-use areas, but if you’re just laying a walking path like ours, you can lay them on any solid, well-drained soil. Turfstone is a specialty item. You’ll probably have to order it from a landscape supply center or a local concrete block supplier. Each block costs about $7 and covers 2.6 sq. ft. If you lay two blocks side by side with the long sides together as we did, your path will be about 32 in. wide.

For the paver path shown here, the holes were plugged with squares of sod, but growing grass from seed is another option. Once the grass is established, you can mow it just like the rest of your lawn. Search “turfstone” online for more information on this product.

Project step-by-step (3)

Step 1

Set the Paver Path Depth

paver path that grows trufstoneFamily Handyman

Skim the sod and dirt to a depth of 3-1/2 in. below the surrounding lawn. Rake the soil smooth. Set the pavers end to end to create the path. Don’t worry about gaps between pavers caused by curving the path. You won’t notice them after the grass fills in.

Step 2

Fill With Soil

paver path that grows dirtFamily Handyman

Fill the recesses with good-quality, lump-free soil. Lightly tamp the soil in each square to make room for the sod.

Step 3

Cut and Lay Sod Squares Inside the Paver Path Stones

garden paver path that grows sod squaresFamily Handyman

To lay sod, first cut small squares of sod from the sod roll with a utility knife. Press the sod squares into the recesses in the Turfstone pavers. Tamp soil alongside the pavers to hold them in place. Water the sod when you’re done planting.

Now that your garden path looks great check out these tips for achieving a lush lawn this season.