This Patio Paver Hack Will Save Time, But Will It Save You Money?

Updated: May 31, 2024

Transform your outdoor space without breaking the bank.

With rising costs and relentless inflation, many of us seek ways to save money. If a new walkway or patio is on your must-do list, consider this popular concrete paver TikTok hack.

This video shows how to stamp a paver pattern into poured concrete. The end result is a solid slab that looks like pavers with less labor and cost than a traditional installation. Learn all about this money-saving pavers hack and whether it’s a good fit for your project.

How This Stamped Concrete Paver Hack Works

@spectersworld HACKS TO HELP U SAVE MONEY IN CONSTRUCTION🤯. here is a trick on how you can save almost 30% on pavers and still archive the same look. use a metal frame with a design of your choice pour a concrete slab and press the frame onto the slab as it almost dries forming a pattern. #pavers #constructionhacks #designhacks #constructionlife #savemoney ♬ Paris – 3Hzwave

To do this hack, you’ll first want to get your hands on a concrete stamp. Concrete stamps come in various patterns, from a uniform paver pattern, the trellis pattern seen in the video or a more irregular stamp that mimics real flagstone. In addition to the stamp, you’ll need a shovel, hoe and wheelbarrow to mix the concrete, a hand or power compacter for the gravel base, and a circular saw, drill and hammer to build the forms.

Materials for this money-saving pavers hack will include 2x4s and wood screws for forms, and high-strength concrete mix and water for the concrete.

Once you have all the required materials, mix and pour concrete onto a compacted gravel base within wood forms. Wait until the concrete is almost dry, then press a stamp into the surface.

Will Using Concrete Actually Save You Money Over Pavers?

Yes, initially, using concrete rather than pavers can save you money since it will cost less to pour and stamp concrete than to install traditional pavers. However, whatever money you may save during initial installation can be lost over the years due to costly concrete repairs and a shorter life span.

Pavers may cost more, but they also last longer than concrete. You’re looking at 30 to 50 years for pavers, compared to 25 to 30 years for concrete. Concrete repair is also more costly than repairing pavers, usually requiring the help of a professional.

Also, if you opt to stain your stamped concrete, the color fades quickly and requires regular restaining.

Is This Hack Actually Easier Than Using Patio Pavers?

The answer to whether this concrete paver hack is actually easier than installing real pavers is yes and no.

The money-saving pavers hack is easier and faster than installing individual pavers. You’ll also be spared the task of pulling weeds between pavers. However, concrete is more challenging to repair and replace in the long term. Pavers perform better in freeze-thaw cycles, while concrete is more prone to cracking.

Repairing cracks in concrete is difficult and sometimes impossible. In stamped concrete, it can be hard to achieve a good-looking repair. In comparison, pavers are simple to remove and replace if necessary.

Adding to cost considerations, you’ll also need to replace concrete sooner than pavers.