Laurie M Nichols

location-pin South Hadley, Massachusetts

School: Endicott College, Masters of Education

Expertise: painting and drywall, carpentry, flooring, tiling, cleaning and organization, decor and design, renovating and remodelling, outdoors and camping, plaster, wallpaper

Laurie M Nichols

  • Writer for websites including Family Handyman, House Digest, Apartment Amigo and more.
  • Voted "Best of the Valley" Handyperson in 2020
  • Registered contractor in the State of Massachusetts since 2020


Laurie M. Nichols is a registered contractor in the State of Massachusetts and owner of a home repair business since 2016. Through her business, Laurie has encountered and fixed most home related problems for hundreds of customers. Her skills include carpentry, drywall, tile, painting, flooring, plaster repair and wallpapering. Laurie is also a DIY real estate investor who buys, renovates and rents multifamily properties. Through this venture she has developed creativity in frugal home repair and renovation as well as design. Much of Laurie's writing for Family Handyman is informed by her personal and professional experience, but she also enjoys researching and writing about any home topic, and connecting with fellow pros when necessary, too.


Endicott College, Masters of Education

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