7 Covered Patio Ideas

Is your outdoor area too hot and sunny? Learn about shade solutions for your deck or patio, from large canopies and patio awnings to natural solutions. Keep your deck cooler and screen out harmful ultraviolet rays.

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New Awning In A Back Yard
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Canopy Patio Awning

One of the most popular patio shade ideas, a canopy patio awning is permanently installed. But the fabric on most shade awnings is removable and should last about 15 years. Speaking of, take a peek at our favorite front door awning ideas, too.

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Backyard Pergola In Garden
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Backyard Pergola

For a partial-shade solution, build a pergola and train vines to grow over it. A pergola made from inexpensive treated lumber, then stained, can look great and still cost less than manufactured options.

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Retractable Roof System, Patio Awning For Sunshade Of A Modern Wooden House.
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Retractable Awning

Retractable awnings provide instant shade or quickly roll up when you don’t need them. You don’t have to take them down, so no storage hassles. And you don’t need to build a permanent structure on the deck. Protect yourself from the scorching heat with this Neso Sidelines 1 portable sunshade.

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Portable shade canopy
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Portable Canopy

These lightweight structures are essentially tents with four posts. They can be found at home centers everywhere and online and only take a few minutes to set up. These super-simple patio shade options are affordable and can be moved wherever you want shade.

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deck umbrella
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Deck Umbrella

Sometimes the best solution is the simplest. A standard deck or patio umbrella, or market umbrella, can offer a much-needed reprieve from the sun. Most will fit through a hole in a table, shading diners. Offset models can stand freely with an umbrella hanging from an over-arching arm.

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tree shading patio
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Shade Trees

Although they can take a long time to grow, shade trees like maples are an excellent way of providing shade to your outdoor spaces. If you don’t want to wait for one to mature, opt for a potted version you can move around.

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Shade sail over a patio table
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Shade Sails

Often a breathtaking shade option, shade sails use a stretched piece of fabric or vinyl between two or more points. Shade sails can be difficult to install, requiring exacting specifications for tension, height and angles. Learn how to hang a shade sail.

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