This Hack Saves You So Much Time Cleaning Your Oven Racks

Updated: May 09, 2023

CleanTok strikes again!

It’s prime kitchen cleaning season right now, which probably means there are some tasks you’re dreading on your cleaning checklist. One of those may be scrubbing your oven racks, which are notoriously tricky to clean. Baked-on gunk plus the awkward shape of the rungs makes for a time-consuming nightmare.

However, CleanTok is once again here to save the day with an incredibly easy oven rack-cleaning hack. The short video from My Fabulosa (@fabulosa_cleaning) showcases an inventive new way to use dish soap that leaves oven racks spotless. Better yet, this hack could be used for just about any hard-to-wash kitchen equipment. Here’s how you can try the oven rack cleaning hack for yourself.

What Is the Oven Rack Cleaning Hack?

In the video below, the TikToker starts by squeezing dish soap into a mini muffin pan. They portion out approximately 1 tablespoon for each cup, then simply pop the filled pan in the freezer. Once the soap has fully frozen, they then rub the frozen dish soap cube along the rungs repeatedly. This loosens the baked-on bits without any hard scrubbing, making this common kitchen task virtually painless.

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How Can I Use the Oven Rack Cleaning Hack?

To try the oven cleaning hack for yourself, you’ll need a favorite dish soap—we love Dawn dish detergent—as well as a tray to freeze it in. While this particular TikToker uses a mini muffin pan, you could just as easily use an ice cube tray; the most important part is to create small, easily handled portions of soap.

From there, set the oven rack on top of a stable surface and wash the rack with your frozen dish soap until it’s sparkly clean. If you’d like to prevent gunk from getting on your countertops, you could lay a layer of paper towels or a dish towel underneath the oven rack. Once the oven rack is grime-free, simply rinse the suds off with cool water.

What Else Can I Clean With This Hack?

According to the video, these frozen dish soap cubes are “[g]reat for adding into sinks, oven trays and pans to soak too!” We also think they’d be excellent for cleaning tricky kitchen appliances, such as coffee pots, air fryer trays or even rice cooker bowls. So, next time you have to clean off stubborn, baked-on food, remember how portable and powerful frozen dish soap can be and take out your mini muffin tin!