Clever Kitchen Storage Hacks You’ve Never Thought Of Before

Updated: Apr. 13, 2023

Is something always falling on your head when you open up those kitchen cabinets? Then these are for you!

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Tension Rod Kitchen Storage Hack

Instead of digging for your spray bottles under the sink, or piling them on top of each other, save yourself the mess with this nifty trick. Place a tension rod between the sides of the counter underneath your sink, and hang the spray bottles between the lever and the handle.
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Cookie Sheet Kitchen Storage Hack

Even though cookie sheets are flat, they are always a pain to pull out of the cabinet. Typically people like to pile things on top of them to save room, which means having to dig every time you want to make some cookies or a sheet-pan dinner. Instead, use these simple 4-sort dividers for an easy grab! They also work great to organize the lids for your pots and pans.

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Spice Gripper Clips

Unless you love opening your spice cabinet and having little bottles of cinnamon and paprika fall on you all of the time, this is definitely one of those kitchen organization hacks you are going to want to try. These spice gripper clips keep spices in neat rows inside a cabinet or on the back of a door.
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Kitchen Storage Hack for Cutting Boards

Kitchen Storage Hack for Cutting Boards

With a simple package of zip ties and a wire organizer, you can easily recreate this hack inside another one of your cabinet doors. Again, no more digging for a cutting board that's below all your pots and pans.
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Easy Hidden Garbage Can
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Easy Hidden Garbage Can

Having your garbage inside one of the counters has been a trend for a while now, but have you ever seen any kitchen organization hacks as clever as this? This three-part recycling bin will make managing your waste way easier, especially while you're cooking and dealing with tons of food scraps.
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Hanging Shelf Divider Storage Basket

Save space (and the state of your dishes) with a few of these cabinet baskets. They hang right underneath your kitchen shelves to make better use of vertical space. Instead of stacking multiple dish sizes, separate them with this great kitchen organization hack.
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Fridge Gap Sliding Organizer

Fridge Gap Sliding Organizer

This easy DIY project not only organizes your spices but even clears up your pantry space! This gives you easy access to your cans, jars, spices, and oils that you want in the kitchen with you at all times. Plus, it saves cabinet space for all of your new organizers.
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Under-Cabinet K-Cup Organizer

Love your Keurig, but hate having to always reach for the coffee pod boxes? This under-cabinet organizer makes reaching far for those boxes a thing of the past. This cabinet k-cup holder can slide down for an easy grab, and back up so it's out of your way Organizer.
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Trash Bag Kitchen Storage Hack

You could leave them in boxes...or use this clever trick and put your bags on a roll! Simply use curtain rod brackets and a wooden dowel and hang these underneath your sink for easy access. It's an instant, space-saving trash bag dispenser.
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Use a Wine Rack for Water Bottles

Don't buy enough wine to fill your wine rack, but have so many water bottles you can't keep track? This is exactly what your kitchen cabinet needs. Place one of these clear wine and water bottle racks inside the cabinet for an easy grab-and-go!