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12 Awesome Closet Storage Hacks

It may not be your dream closet, but that doesn't mean you don't have storage options. Here are 12 creative closet storage hacks that will help you store more items and stay organized.

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Add Levels

Don’t think everything must be at the same level. Add some shelves and drawers among the hanging clothes. This will help break up the space and allow you to fold items such as jeans and sweaters so they don’t take up space on hangers.

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bookshelf closet organization storage

Use a Bookshelf for Storage

Adding more storage is a crucial step for decluttering your closet. Here’s a clever IKEA hack that uses an IKEA bookshelf in the closet for extra storage. Try using multiple bookcases if you have the space to store items such as bags, shoes and folded clothing. Try this simple decluttering hack to organize your entire home without experiencing burnout.

Photo: Courtesy of Ikeahackers

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showerrings clothes storage

Hang Clothes with Shower Ring Hooks

Here’s a great way to hang all those tank tops and scarves in your closet. Clip plastic shower rings on a hanger and put scarves through the rings or unclip, put the ring through tank top armholes and reclip. Place the hanger at the end of the closet rod with all your shirts.

Photo: Courtesy of The Budget Makeover

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Add-On Clothes Rod

Don’t let that space underneath the hanging clothing go to waste—add a second clothes rod to expand your closet space. Use a chain and some S-hooks to hang the second rod, which you can then adjust to the right height.

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Soda Tab Hangers

Pull off those soda tabs and put them to work in your closet. Just slip them around the hook of a hanger and it will allow you to drop a second hanger in the tab so you can hang more clothes in the same space.

Photo: Courtesy of Get Organized Wizard

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coat closet organization shelvesFamily Handyman

Twin Closet Shelves

Build closet shelves that double your storage space with these plans for twin shelves. Take your closet real estate to its full potential and store twice as much.

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Wine Dividers

Don’t throw those cardboard wine dividers in the recycling bin just yet! If you struggle to keep shoes organized in your child’s closet, try inserting those dividers into a basket or tub and use it as a clever DIY shoe storage solution.

Photo: Courtesy of Heartwork Organizing

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wireshelf closet organization

Wire Shelf

A wire shelf is much more useful if there’s a rod for hanging clothes beneath it. You can take a curtain rod and hang it below a wire shelf with cable/zip ties. A simple and inexpensive storage hack.

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pegboard jewelry closet organization


You may already use pegboard in your garage or pantry for storage, so try adding some to your closet. Add some hooks to organize jewelry and scarves. You can even install the pegboard on the back of the closet door.

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bins labeled closet organization

Labeled Bins

Use labeled bins to store seasonal items you’re not currently using. When the season changes, swap the items. Bins are also great for storing shoes, hats, bags and socks.

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Family Handyman

Turn Hangers

Here’s a trick that will help you keep track of items you wear and those you don’t. Start with all your clothes hangers so the hooks are pointing the same way. Once you wear something, when you hang it back up put the hook in the opposite direction. If you haven’t worn something in six months, toss or donate it. A storage hack that costs you nothing!

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beltrod closet organization

Belt Rod

Try adding a short rod or towel bar in the back of your closet or even on the back of your closet door. Add some S-hooks and use the rod to organize and hang belts or scarves.

Photo: Courtesy of Clementine Bean

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