12 Concealed Kitchen Storage Hacks You’ll Want to Use Immediately

Updated: Jun. 24, 2024

Whether your kitchen is large or small, minimizing clutter will enhance its beauty and functionality. These 12 clever concealed storage hacks will help you in your decluttering quest.

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Cabinet Door Storage Rack

One of the easiest ways to eke out a little more kitchen storage space is to make use of the backs of your cabinet doors. Racks to hold small food items, spices or measuring cups and spoons free up shelf and drawer space. Plus, you can clear countertop clutter by storing items like cutting boards in a door rack. Unless you have an appliance garage to help store some of your kitchen gadgets. This ready-made chopping board holder from Rev-A-Shelf is sturdy enough to hold the largest board. Choose the ones that will work the best in your kitchen from this collection of 18 DIY inside cabinet door storage solutions.

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In-Drawer Knife Block

Storing sharp knives safely is essential in any kitchen, but especially if you have curious kids. This in-drawer knife block from Noble Home & Chef is the perfect solution. It holds 12 knives and a sharpener, cradling them so they won’t slip or tip upwards, but also so you can access them quickly and easily. It fits 99% of household drawers and is made from high-grade bamboo.

Do you know how to keep your knives razor-sharp? See our guide to how to sharpen knives.

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Pull-Out Pan Rack

Are you fed up with juggling pots, pans and lids to find the one you want? This pull-out cookware organizer from WEN hides away in your kitchen storage cabinet, but slides out to reveal all your neatly hung cookware. The adjustable hooks fit almost all sizes and shapes of cookware, and the slides are designed to hold up even under the weight of the heaviest pans – even cast-iron! Pre-assembled, this storage rack is simple to install, using only four screws. Here’s how to build a much less expensive, DIY version of a pullout pot, pan and lid rack.

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Pull-Out Mixer Lift

It’s not easy dragging a heavy stand mixer out of a base cabinet and setting on your countertop! But this amazing heavy-duty mixer lift from Rev-A-Shelf makes it easy. The spring-loaded mechanism will lift heavy appliances (up to 60 pounds) out of the cabinet and up to countertop level in one simple move. Just add a shelf to fit your cabinet, and you’re good to go. The spring tension can be adjusted and the lift comes with a lifetime guarantee. If your KitchenAid mixer needs a little TLC, this approved repair job might do the trick.

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Sink-Front Trays

Wet sponges and dishcloths sitting by your sink look messy, so make the most of the little-used space at the front of your sink cabinet with these tip-out sink front trays from Rev-A-Shelf. This double pack has one conventional open tray to store sponges and cloths, and another accessory tray with ring holder and soap dish. Available in 11 inch or 14 inch sizes, and in white or almond finish.

Even the cleanest kitchen sinks get clogged sometimes, but here’s how to unclog them.

Here’s how to take advantage of the storage space in your kitchen sink base cabinet.

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Swing-out Corner Cupboard Storage

The corner kitchen storage cabinet is often a wasted-space zone, and crouching to rummage around for what you need is awkward, at best. So, install this pull-out storage solution from Vadania and all your items will swing out effortlessly, letting you see and reach everything with ease. The tray height is adjustable and each tray swings independently with a soft-close mechanism to prevent slamming. This unit fits a 36-inch cabinet and installation is simple. There are lots of little problems that can crop up with kitchen cabinets over time. See how to carry out nine easy cabinet repairs yourself.

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Slide-Out Trash Can Storage

Does your trash can take up space in your kitchen? Concealing it in a cabinet fitted with this slide-out unit from Lynk will let you hide your bin away out of sight, but ready for use in an instant. Designed to fit most standard trash cans, the industrial-grade ball bearing gliders give a smooth operation every time, while the stainless steel construction and chrome finish ensure great durability and great looks, too. Looking for more ideas? Check out these best pull-out trash cans for your kitchen.

And here are 9 other ways to disguise your trash can.

Here’s another slick solution for recycling bin organization.

As well as recycling kitchen waste, check out these home improvement materials you can recycle.

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Behind-The-Door Storage

The space behind your kitchen door is a great place to fit concealed kitchen storage. This storage unit features narrow shelves that allow you to keep jars, cleaning materials and more, all hidden away behind the open door. The shelf unit is fixed to the wall and you can make the whole thing for less than $40.

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Deluxe Below-Cupboard Kitchen Towel Dispenser

Struggling to tear off paper towel with messy hands is a nightmare, but this smart paper towel dispenser from Innovia detects your movement and dispenses however many towels you need automatically. Simply wave your hand in front and the dispenser does the rest. It fits most brands of paper towel and comes in a variety of finishes. And best of all, it attaches to the little-used space beneath your upper cabinets.

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Toe-Kick Drawers

Another concealed storage spot that’s often overlooked is the area beneath the base cabinets. It’s surprisingly easy to install shallow toe-kick drawers that are ideal for storing items like bakeware, pet bowls, or cleaning supplies. It’s best to build the drawers in your workshop and then install them under the cabinets. Most kinds of cabinets are suitable for adding toe-kick drawers, so follow our detailed instructions to see exactly ow it’s done.

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Narrow Pull-Out Storage Trolley

If you’ve got 3 to 4 inches between cabinets, walls, or appliances, you might think it’s not enough space to be useful, but you’d be wrong! A narrow pull-out storage cart like this one from HOMFA provides lots of shelf space, sliding out on castors for you to access what you need. Four mesh baskets hold a multitude of items, and the durable stainless steel construction means it will last a long time. Pull-out storage is great for utilizing space in any kitchen cabinets. Here’s how you can build your own rollouts to revolutionize your kitchen storage.

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Fold-Down Ironing Board Cabinet

An ironing board and iron can cause significant clutter in your kitchen or laundry room, but this space-saving fold-down ironing board unit from Facilehome lets you pack everything into an unbelievably small space. The wall-mounted cabinet with front mirror has space for materials and your iron, and the triangle bracket makes sure the ironing board remains stable when it’s folded down. When you’re done, pack everything away, and you have a beautiful mirrored cabinet on your wall. For a DIY alternative, check out this ironing center you can build in a couple of hours.

If you drip candle wax on your precious carpet, you can use your iron to remove it in three simple steps.

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