9 Ways to Disguise Your Trash Bin

Just because it's trash doesn't mean it has to look like it!

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How to Hide Garbage Cans Outside: Wooden Trash Shed

Keep the stench from your outdoor trash bins at bay by tucking them inside an enclosed wooden trash shed. The look and smell are much more appealing than stacked up containers overflowing with garbage.

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Trash Can Hideaway: Pull-Out/Under-Counter Trash Can

Transform a lower kitchen cabinet into a hideaway for your trash with an adjustable door mounting kit! Many are installed simply by mounting to the cabinet floor using screws. Look for a thick frame construction and heavy-duty ball bearings for a sturdy and seamless piece of construction. If you’re planning to buy one, here are the best pull-out trash cans for your kitchen. Learn how to drill holes in your trash can.

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Trash Can Hideaway: Tilt-Out Trash Bin Cabinet

Tilt out trash bins are clever concealers, and this freestanding cabinet can even double as a little extra counter in your kitchen. Usually crafted of wood, these stand-alone structures can be placed against a wall, so they don’t get in the way.

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How to Hide Garbage Cans Outside: Hide Behind Trees

If you landscape around your outdoor trash bin, you can keep it accessible and yet out of site from the backyard. Here, a lattice panel and several trees discreetly hide the trash. If hiding the outdoor trash is only a concern when the weather is warm enough to be out in the yard, you can repurpose large indoor floor plants as trash bin hiders and then bring them in when the temps drop. Be sure to weight down the pots so they don’t tip over when it’s windy.

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How to Hide Garbage Cans Outside: Use a Privacy Screen

For your outdoor row of trash bins, keep things classy and stick them behind a screen. Simply tuck your bins against the side of your house, and wrap a big privacy screen around it. If you choose lattice, you can transform it into a living wall of greenery!

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Trash Bin Storage: Hang a Cute Curtain

If your pantry is more like an exposed closet in your kitchen, do yourself a favor and tuck your dried goods, cleaning supplies and trash bin out of sight by simply installing a breezy curtain. Not only will it disguise your trash bin and pantry essentials, but it will add a sleek look to the space overall.

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Trash Bin Storage: Built-in Countertop Trash Chute

This option is equal parts DIY and BIY (buy it yourself). Once you buy the stainless steel chute, cut the 6-inch diameter hole in your countertop and install the chute. Make sure your trash bin stays in place directly below the chute or you’ll have a big mess!

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Garbage Can Holder: Utilize a Hamper

If you love repurposing, here’s a good idea: Take a stylish hamper, drop your trash bin in it and now you have an attractive piece of decor for your kitchen. (Be sure everyone know it’s the trash so on one throws in their dirty clothes!)

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Repurpose a Wine Barrel

Give your kitchen some rustic flair by taking an old oak wine barrel and storing your trash can in it. If you want to really DIY, keep the top of the barrel and install a small door with a hinge to keep a lid on your trash.

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