This Hack Will Revolutionize How You Clean Your Dishwashing Gloves

Updated: Dec. 22, 2023

Never plunge your hand into a wet, sweaty glove again!

Washing dishes is a dirty business. From the ultra-hot water to chemical cleaners, proper sanitation can present all sorts of dangers to your hands. That’s why wearing cleaning gloves while doing the dishes is so important. But many people abandon their gloves when they get wet and dirty on the inside; after all, who’d want to stick their hands inside that mildewy mess?

Fortunately, CleanTok influencer Melissa Pateras (@melissadilkespateras) has a simple hack for cleaning dishwashing gloves (yes, you need to clean them too!). Her method allows you to properly dry the inside, not only making them more pleasant to use but also extending their shelf life for many weeks to come. Read on to discover her guide to washing dishwashing gloves, as well as her tips on how to store them properly.

How to Clean Dishwashing Gloves

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Pateras begins her video by explaining that when you wear gloves, they can get “sweaty and gross on the inside, wet.” She then takes her glove off, inverting it in the process.  While most of the glove flips inside-out, the finger portions still remain crumpled.

To un-crumple them for proper cleaning, Pateras outlines her hack: “You’re going to hold the cuff, you’re going to pull it out, and you’re going to spin it a few times.” This tactic makes the glove into a little balloon. Then, she squeezes the balloon in order to “flip the fingers out.” The air travels into the fingers of the glove, pushing them straight out, so that the glove is fully inverted and un-crumpled. Some commenters on Pateras’ video have called this technique the “doctor spin,” as many doctors use it on their latex gloves. The host in the video also points out that she’s “seen [her] doctor do this.”

Once the gloves are inverted, Pateras explains that, “you can put your hand back in and you can wash it, or just dry it off.” And after you’ve cleaned and dried the gloves, you can simply repeat the process to turn them right-side-out again.

How to Store Dishwashing Gloves

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According to Pateras, dishwashing gloves should be stored in a “cool and dry place” to extend their lifespan. Ideally, they could live inside a cabinet away from light so that the rubber doesn’t denigrate. However, some commenters on Pateras’ video like to “leave [the gloves] out in the sun for a bit” to dry. This is fine, but be sure to move them once they’ve dried off.

More Dishwashing Hacks

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Additionally, make sure you don’t pre-rinse your dishes before placing them in the dishwasher. Counterintuitively, this can prevent them from getting fully cleaned.

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