This Nifty Trick Will Clean Up Your Air Conditioner

Updated: Sep. 11, 2023

Not sure how to clean the sticky grime off of your air conditioner? No sweat! This trick to cleaning your air conditioner is so easy, you really won't be sweating afterward. Here's what you need to do.

If you’re not regularly cleaning your air conditioner, then you are probably wasting your money. Cleaning your air conditioner is vital for the longevity of the machine, which is why you should keep it on a regular chore rotation. However, we understand having to clean all of those grids can be quite time-consuming. But don’t worry, we found a very simple solution for a spotless air conditioner every clean.

After removing the filter from your air conditioning unit, you are going to want to rinse it under warm water. This will help to get rid of the initial filth on the filter. Seems simple enough, right? Well if anyone has cleaned an air conditioner before, we all know that a simple rinse of warm water doesn’t easily remove the sticky grime attached to the filter. So a step two is important.

Once you rinse the air conditioner filter with some warm water, take a spray bottle and fill it with warm water and either some soap or dish detergent. Spray the grimy spots on your filter with the bottle, then use a toothbrush to scrub off the grime. After trying this myself, I can attest to the nifty genius of this trick. Seriously, an old toothbrush really can go a long way when it comes to cleaning those grimy, dirty, hard to clean spots in your home. For a full look into air conditioner repair, here’s how to clean a room air conditioner. And if you have central air, here’s how to clean your AC condenser unit.

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