Cool Down Your Car ASAP With These 5 Nifty Tricks

Dealing with a sweltering car in the summer is expected, but that doesn't mean you have to suffer! Using these nifty tricks, you will be able to cool down the car in a flash.

Unless the parking lot at work has a shady spot to put your vehicle, you’re probably dealing with an incredibly hot car on the regular. Opening up your car after it’s been baking in the sun certainly isn’t a pleasurable experience. Not only does the inside of your car feel like a sauna, but every single thing you touch feels like it was recently boiling in hot water. Dealing with a hot car in the summertime is inevitable, but there has to be a better solution (kind of like these simple tricks that will keep your house cool all summer long). Fortunately enough, there is!

Thanks to a recent report on The Weather Channel, there actually are some nifty tricks to keeping your car cool in the hot summer heat. Along with using a sunshade and covering up your seats while you’re away, there are a few extra steps you can take that will make you melt even less in your atrociously hot vehicle.

Frozen water bottle

The most immediate way to cool yourself down in the car is to use tricks that will cool down your body. The first trick is to take a frozen water bottle and wrap it in a tea towel. Place the tea towel between your neck and the car seat, giving your head a cool place to rest while you drive in the hot car.

Wet hair

Another way to immediately cool down your body is hopping in the car with wet hair. The condensation from your hair will keep you cool as you drive in that hot vehicle in the morning.

Koozie on the gearshift

Have a leftover drinking koozie in the kitchen? Use that on the gearshift! Between those metal and plastic pats, that gearshift can get extremely hot after sitting all day in the sun. To avoid the pain from a hot gearshift, cover it up with a drinking koozie before you leave the car.

Put your stuff away

Phones, CD’s, headphones, sunglasses, even chargers are all items that can radiate heat. Have you tried putting on a hot pair of sunglasses? Because it never ends well. Instead, make sure to put those items away in a cubby or in your bag before leaving the car.

Turn the steering wheel

Not only is your car blazing hot after sitting in the sun, but your steering wheel is unbearable to even touch. Avoid having to sit in your hot car to wait for your steering wheel to cool down by simply turning it around! Turn the wheel 180 degrees so it’s facing down. When it’s time to drive, grab the bottom of the wheel and bring it back to the top, and you’ll be ready to drive ASAP.

Now the most prominent way to cool down your car is using the air conditioner. However, when it comes to fuel efficiency, using your air conditioner isn’t the best solution. Here’s why you shouldn’t use your car’s air conditioner.