This Easy Trick Will Defrost Your Car Window In Seconds

How to clear off a car window in just a few seconds.

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How to Defrost Car Windows

There’s nothing more frustrating than hopping into your car when you’re running late and looking at a windshield covered in frost and ice. It’s going to take so long to make sure that car window is completely defrosted and clear before having to head out—which is not what you want on a day that your alarm clock fails you. Is there a better (and faster!) way to clear off a car window?

Well, yes, there actually is. There’s a super easy trick for how to defrost your car window in mere seconds, decreasing your wait time and increasing your chances of getting where you need to go in a reasonable amount of time.

See this game-changing winter hack in action:

How to defrost car windows fast: Find an empty spray bottle that you can fill with this solution (great to keep in the car for when you need it). Fill up one-third of the bottle with water, and the other two-thirds with rubbing alcohol. That’s right—just water and rubbing alcohol. And it works like absolute magic.

Why does this work so well? Because rubbing alcohol actually has a freezing point of 128 degrees below freezing, and it does a great job of quickly melting ice.

Now others have found clever solutions when it comes to knowing how to defrost windows, or keeping your car window from freezing altogether. actually suggests to use kitty litter on your dashboard. Experts suggest that if you fill up a sock with kitty litter and leave it in your car, it will suck up any moisture and avoid frost from collecting on your windshield. They also suggest using hand sanitizer to unfreeze your locks, and cooking spray to lubricate around your doors. You could even cover your windshield wipers with socks during a snowfall to keep ice from forming.

Frost is obviously not the only problem when it comes to keeping your car windows in good shape for your drive. Here are a few tips to help you out with other simple car window fixes, like how to repair your back window defogger and a windshield washer repair.

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