The Essential Ice Removal Kit for Your Car

Updated: Dec. 01, 2023

Winter brings freezing temps and ice-covered windshields. These essential ice removal tools will get you on the road faster. Don't be caught without them.

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Who Needs an Ice Removal Kit?

Most likely, you do.

More than 70 percent of the U.S. roads are in areas that get five inches or more of snow a year, and one-quarter of weather-related vehicle crashes occur in icy or snowy conditions. Even the Deep South and parts of Texas, where freezing temps aren’t the norm, see occasional ice storms that wreak havoc on local populations.

Keeping an ice removal kit in your car can mean the difference between getting home safely and getting stuck. But remember: Safety first. If local authorities ask you to stay off the roads, listen to them. Emergency workers risk their lives to clear wintery roads, so give them a break if you don’t have to go out.

These essential ice removal tools will help you stay safe this winter.

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Hopkins Subzero Ice Scraper Ecomm Via
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Ice Scraper

If you carry one thing in your vehicle, make it a high-quality ice scraper. Nothing’s more tedious than waiting for your defroster to melt ice on your window. Ice scrapers fit in your glove box, and they’re indispensable for people in climates with more ice than snow.

Use the flat edge to scrape frost or thin ice from your windshield, and the toothed edge to tackle thick ice. The Hopkins Subzero ice scraper is an affordable, durable option.

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Cofit Car Snow Brush Ecomm Via
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Stiff Bristled Brush

While ice scrapers work great on the surface of your windshield, sometimes you need to clear a blanket of fresh snow first. Brushes make quick work of the task.

This popular combination snow brush and ice scraper by Cofit comes with a pivoting head and telescoping handle, making it easy to clear snow and scrape ice from any angle. The bonus squeegee cleans your windshield after you scrape.

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Snow Joe Original Telescoping Snow Broom Ecomm Via
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Snow Broom

For major snowfalls, many of us break out a push broom to move the heavy, wet snow off our cars. A better solution? Invest in a snow-pushing “broom” made from heavy-duty foam. It won’t scratch your windshield or paint. And unlike a regular broom, it folds to fit in your trunk.

The popular Snow Joe Snow Broom earned more than 13,000 five-star ratings on Amazon. And there’s also an ice scraper on the telescoping handle.

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Prestone Windshield De Icer Ecomm Via
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De-Icer Solution

Sometimes you need a speedy de-icing solution, and Prestone Windshield De-Icer Spray cuts through thick layers of ice in no time. The can doubles as an ice scraper, so keep this option handy when you need to get on the road fast. De-icers work for frozen key locks if that’s a problem, too.

If you prefer to make your own, a DIY version for ice removal of this product combines rubbing alcohol and water.

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Rola 69001 Move Base Truck Ogranizer Ecomm Via
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Storage Case

It’s cold outside! Don’t waste time digging around under your seats to find your ice scraper.

While a basic ice scraper fits in your console, store other tools in a carrying case. Who wants to reach in the glove box and accidentally spray de-icer all over your insurance documents?

Some tools come with a storage bag. If yours didn’t, pick up a customizable storage case to keep your trunk organized.

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