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10 Best Ice Scrapers and Snow Brushes

Don't get stuck in a snow or ice storm without a reliable scraper and snow brush!

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Don’t Get Stuck Without a Good Scraper

How many of you found yourself stuck in the first frost or snowfall of the year without a scraper or snow brush in your car? You might think an always-prepared Family Handyman staffer like me would never be in that situation. But sure enough, there I was clearing my windshield with an old CD case.

It actually worked quite well in those first few frosts. But when the first heavy snow fell and winter got real, it was time to shop for a proper scraper or snow brush. You can find them just about everywhere and I was flummoxed with all the options. Which one is best?

To find out, I chose 10 ice scrapers and snow brushes from Amazon and turned my co-workers loose with them in our Minnesota winter. Here’s what I found out.

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MATCC Cone Scraper

I was drawn to two things with this scraper: The innovative cone shape, and the way the smaller studded end detaches and converts to a funnel. It’s comfortable to hold, but we found the cone flexed too much to effectively scrape thicker ice, even when scoring with the pointy end. But for the price, not a bad choice for frosts, lighter snows and funneling your windshield washer fluid.

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To see some great scraper/snow brushes in action, watch this video:

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Subzero 26 Snow Brush

This is probably the most popular design out there, and this particular brush is Amazon’s choice. So the question is, why? We figured it was mostly due to its perfect length. It’s long enough to use two hands for leverage on tougher ice. It will reach most parts of your car easily enough and it’s a reasonable size for stowing away in the back seat or trunk.

The scraper end is four inches wide with ice scoring teeth on the back side. The brush is stiff enough to move heavier snow and the padded grip makes it easy to grab. If there was a government-issued scraper here in Minnesota, this might be it, and I doubt anyone would complain.

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The Better Stuff Scraper

This ergonomic scraper design works well. It allows you to chip and clear ice in one back-and-forth motion. The stiff leading brass edge won’t scratch your glass, and the trestle grip design lets it conform to your window or windshield for a clean pass every time.

It’s small and compact so it fits easily in your glovebox, but plan on maxing out your reach to clear your entire windshield. We all wished this thing was on a long stick, but agreed it’s a worthy companion in an ice storm.

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Zmoon Ice Scraper Mitt

Most of us in the snowier, colder climes don gloves out of habit. But if you live in a milder winter region, you might not have mitts handy when that occasional storm strikes.

This scraper is spot on for that situation. As scrapers go, it’s not top in its class. But it does the job done and keeps your hand warm and dry.

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AstroAI 27 

The AstroAI is a deluxe version of the classic snow brush/scraper design. The 27-inch brush has softer bristles on the outside and stiffer ones on the inside. This makes the brush easy on car surfaces but still rigid enough to move some serious snow.

The 4-1/2-in. scraper has integrated ice scoring knuckles and detaches from the brush, if you prefer dedicated use. This feature also allows for compact storage in the provided nylon bag. We found this brush performed as expected and got an additional thumbs-up for its detachable design.

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Hopkins Subzero Ice Crusher

The Ice Crusher feels great in hand. It’s stiff and stout, and the scoring teeth on the handle’s tail end dug into ice well. But I found the scraper blade itself didn’t conform to the windshield contour as well as the brass-edge scrapers we tested. This makes for incomplete passes when scraping.

The 11-inch handle provides a better reach, and the wider blade does make for quicker work. Not exactly crushing it, but still capable when it’s sub-zero outside.

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Snow Joe Brass Blade Ice Scraper 

Of all the straight-up scrapers we tested, this one was most impressive. The design is basic: high impact plastic, a longer handle for better reach and a five-inch brass blade. You would think a metal scraper would scar a windshield for life, but brass is soft and won’t scratch glass.

The blade nicely conforms to the radius of your windshield and leaves a clean path every time. The only downside with a soft brass blade: You have to be careful not to accidentally kink or gouge the blade. Stow it in a safe place and it won’t let you down. Bonus: This scraper costs just $3 and change!

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Cofit Car Snow Brush

This telescoping brush has a lot of features. The 11-inch broom has a squeegee on the back side which is great for light frost or snow, and for that final pass once you clear heavier snow off the windshield. The brush head swivels so you can control which side of the brush moves the snow.

There’s a nice foam grip, and the broom and scraper detach if you want to divide up the work with somebody. I kept this in my truck for a couple of weeks and found that even when extended from 31 inches to 39 inches, it didn’t reach up across the top of my windshield.

Outside of that, all the added features are great. This would be a perfect choice for a mid-size SUV or mini-van. Here are 13 weird car features you might not know you have.

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Snow Joe Telescoping Broom 

If you’re concerned about scratching your vehicle’s finish, this new-school foam broom from Snow Joe is the way to go. Its 14-in. x 7-in. foam head is stiff and non-abrasive. The built-in LED lights illuminate nighttime snow removal and include a blinker function for roadside emergencies.

The scraper on the opposite end does its job, especially when you lean in on it with the 33-inch handle. The handle telescopes to 55 inches, giving you plenty of reach for larger vehicles. Unscrew the handle and clip it into the head for easy storage. All the truck owners in the office loved this one.

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MATCC Snow Brush

Everyone who grabbed this brush remarked how good it felt in hand. The comfortable foam grip covers most of the 31-inch handle. With a couple of clicks the handle extends to almost 40 inches — not quite enough to cover the top of full-size trucks, but just fine for SUVs and mid-size trucks.

The 12-inch brush head is offset to improve your reach, and its swivel feature allows for clean sweeps through the snow. The business end here is the scraper. It has a nice steep angle and some gnarly teeth that really chew through thick ice. This brush pretty much gives you everything you need.

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