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10 Best Leaf Blower Attachments

Attachments can unlock the potential power and utility of your leaf blower. Here are some great examples of super-useful leaf blower attachments.

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Buying Leaf Blower Attachments and Accessories

A leaf blower can keep your yard leaf-free, but it can do so much more!

We’re highlighting some of our favorite leaf blower attachments, but before purchasing any make sure your selection is compatible with your blower. Check the brand and model number against the compatibility notes for any attachment. Be sure to save your receipt just in case that “universal” attachment isn’t quite so universal after all.

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Mulcher Kits for Blower/Vacuums

Many handheld leaf blowers also function as vacuums, sucking in leaves through the intake and collecting them in a bag. To make the most of a leaf vacuum, many homeowners opt for an accessory such as this Shredz-All Shred Ring Kit. Designed to fit select Toro leaf blowers, the Shredz-All means less time spent emptying the collection bag.

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Additional Leaf Collection Bag

One of the easiest accessory upgrades for your leaf blower is an additional leaf collection bag. These hardy bags will take many loads of leaves and debris, and can save you time by letting you fill up a bag, swap out a new one and carry on with the work at hand. Get all the leaf hauling to the curb or to the compost bin done in a single run.

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Disposable Leaf Collection Bags

If you absolutely hate emptying collection bags, you can even opt for disposable leaf collection bags. Simply fill them up and drop them straight in the trash. Although more expensive and less environmentally friendly in the long run than reusable bags, they can be a good choice if you’re dealing with particularly unpleasant material such as wet or rotting leaves.

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Leaf Collection System

Of course, if you’re really serious about eliminating the collection bags, consider an attachment such as the Worx Leaf Collection System. Designed to fit almost all leaf blower/vacuum combos, this ingenious system creates a “sweeper” that deposits leaves directly into a waste container. No more emptying countless small bags!

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Gutter Cleaning Kits

One of the cleverest ways to stretch a leaf blower’s utility is with a gutter cleaning kit. One of the most popular is the Worx gutter cleaner. Designed to work on most leaf blower models, the Worx gutter cleaner extends the reach of your blower. It comes with a hook nozzle on the end to reach over and around the edge of your gutter.

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Replacement Nozzle Ends

The shape of a leaf blower’s nozzle has a direct impact on its performance. Just like the adjustable stream of a garden sprayer is better suited for different tasks, so too is the end of a blower. Round nozzles put air down on a wider area, while flat ends such as this Ego Power+ Flat Nozzle are better suited for maximizing distribution, making them a perfect match for light, dry leaves.

Note that this nozzle is specifically for Ego blowers. But before pulling out your wallet, check to see what diameter your wet-dry vac hose is. Some shop vacuum nozzles are a perfect fit for leaf blowers. There are no uniform sizes, so it’s worth checking!

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Oscillating Nozzle Ends

Can’t get enough nozzle end options? You’re our kind of DIYer! Using a leaf blower involves a lot of repetitive wrist movements as you “sweep” the leaves in front of your path. The Toro Oscillating Nozzle Kit is an ingenious leaf solution that uses the force of the blower itself to change the air’s direction. You simply walk forward and the nozzle does the sweeping motion for you.

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Cleaning Attachments

While most of the entries on this list allow your leaf blower to work on a bigger scale, some attachments let it scale down. This Worx seven-piece attachment kit is intended for the leaf blower and vacuums to work on a smaller projects, from inflating mattresses to detailing your car’s interior.

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New Harness Straps

If you’ve had backpack leaf blower for a few years, bring it back to a more comfortable ride with a set of new harness straps. This two-pack of Echo blower backpack straps will make using your leaf blower more enjoyable. Similar products are available for most other brands of blowers, so keep your eyes open and don’t be afraid to upgrade your blower’s straps and frame.

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Bonus: Blower Attachment for String Trimmers

Finally, here’s an attachment that doesn’t go on your blower, but rather a blower that goes on your string trimmer! Delivering up to 500 cubic feet per minute (CFM), this TrimmerPlus blower attachment is compatible with attachment-capable string trimmers from major brands such as Troy-Bilt, Snapper or Ryobi.

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