The 6 Best Car Snow Removal Tools of 2024

Attention drivers: These car snow removal tools will get you out of the cold and into your toasty vehicle as quickly as possible.

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Astroai 27 Inch Snow Brush And Detachable Ice Scraper With Ergonomic Foam Grip For Cars Ecomm Amazon.comVIA MERCHANT

If you live in a climate that receives regular snowfalls and your garage is occupied by another vehicle or DIY workshop, you’re going to need some car snow removal tools on hand. These nifty accessories tackle auto-specific snow removal tasks, like clearing accumulations from a roof, hood and trunk; brushing off head and taillights; and perhaps the most annoying task of all, scraping ice off your windshield.

“It’s not enough to clear just the windows. Any snow left on top or in front can slide forward later and block your view as you drive. Also, chunks of ice or snow still on the outside could fall off at highway speeds and cause trouble for other drivers,” says Todd Bialaszewski, owner of Junk Car Medics.

Using tools that are specifically designed for this chore ensures you’ll get the job done quickly, effectively and without accidentally damaging your vehicle underneath. They’re also made with size in mind, making them convenient for storing in your trunk, glove box or under a seat without taking up too much room.

What to Consider When Buying Car Snow Removal Tools

First, consider the size of your vehicle. Larger trucks or RVs can have extra-wide windshields that some snow brushes or scrapers can’t reach across. Taller vehicles also might require a longer tool to efficiently clear off their roofs. Take an extra minute or two to compare the size of a potential tool to the windshield width and roof height of your vehicle, and take note of other common mistakes to avoid when removing snow.

You should also think about how you’re going to store your snow removal tools. Even though they’re typically compact, make sure the tool will still fit in your desired space, whether that’s in your glove box or trunk. However, if you plan on storing them in your home or garage, you can go with something a bit bigger. In this case, we recommend choosing tools with a hole for hanging up on a nail or hook when not in use. This simple snow removal hack will keep items from getting misplaced or lost on a shelf somewhere.

The Best Car Snow Removal Tools

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Astroai 27 Inch Snow Brush And Detachable Ice Scraper With Ergonomic Foam Grip For Cars Ecomm

Best Overall Car Snow Removal Tool

Snow Brush and Detachable Ice Scraper

This double-sided snow brush tops our list of best overall car snow removal tools because of its versatility and affordability (under $20!). It features an 8.6-inch brush head on one end and a heavy-duty plastic scraper on the other, providing all your basic car snow removal needs in a single tool. Best of all, if you prefer to use either end individually—convenient for two people to work at once—they detach with the push of a button.

The thick foam handle of the ice scraper provides a sturdy grip, and the brush bristles taper to an extra-soft tip to protect your car’s paint job. The bright orange color ensures the tool is easy to spot if dropped into a snowdrift, or packed in a trunk filled with other winter-weather car essentials.


  • Two-in-one tool with a detachable scraper
  • Well-reviewed with 16,000+ five-star ratings on Amazon
  • Affordable price


  • May be too short for larger vehicles

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Mallory 518 16 Snoweevel Snow Brush Ecomm

Best Budget Car Snow Removal Tool

Mallory Snow Brush

Despite its rock-bottom price, this Mallory car snow brush provides an impressive amount of functionality. With a 6-inch snow brush on one end and a rigid ice scraper on the other, you’ll be prepared to quickly deal with the majority of snow-clearing tasks.

The molded handle makes it easy to grip with gloves on, and at just 16 inches in length, it can conveniently be stored under your seat. Although its compact size probably won’t be practical for larger vehicles in heavy snow, this could be a worthy trade-off if you have a smaller ride that doesn’t require bulky, heavy-duty car snow removal tools.


  • Affordable price
  • Available in three colors
  • Easy to store


  • Too short for large trucks or RV windshields

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Snow Joe The Original 2 In 1 Telescoping Snow Broom + Ice Scraper W:18 Inch No Scratch Foam Head Ecomm

Best Value Car Snow Removal Tool

Snow Joe Snow Broom

Thanks to a telescoping handle and sturdy foam head, this Snow Joe pick offers amazing value compared to other car snow removal tools. Unlike brush heads that can flex and bend when dealing with heavy, wet snow, this thick foam head creates a flat surface—similar to a roof rake—perfect for pushing snow off the top of your car, hood and trunk with ease.

Plus, it’s made of closed-cell foam, so it won’t absorb any moisture, or damage the exterior surface. It’s also well-suited for a wide range of vehicle sizes, with a handle that extends its length from 30 to 49 inches.


  • Multifunctional two-in-one design at a very low price
  • Only weighs 1.2 pounds
  • Foam head won’t scratch paint


  • Could be overkill for light snowfalls

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Econour Car Windshield Cover For Ice And Snow Ecomm

Best Windshield Car Cover

EcoNour Car Windshield Cover

By completely covering your windshield and wiper blades during a storm, this windshield snow cover eliminates the need to clear off any sleet, hail or snow altogether. Once you’re ready to leave, simply remove the cover and pull any snow off with it.

Its thick polyester construction won’t soak up any moisture either, making it convenient to toss in your trunk or garage without having to dry it out first. It’s easier to apply than a full car cover too—simply place it across your windshield, then pull the two elastic straps around the rearview mirrors.


  • Easy to use on windshields
  • Durable and non-absorbent material
  • Saves time and energy in the morning
  • Available in standard and XL sizes


  • You need to remember to put it on
  • Still requires you to clear the rest of your car

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Overmont Collapsible Snow Utility Sport Shovel Aluminum Lightweight With Ice Scraper And Carrying Bag Sizes Ecomm

Best Car Snow Shovel

Collapsible Snow Utility Shovel

The best car snow removal tools have more than one function, which is exactly the case with this Overmont car snow shovel. Particularly heavy snowfalls require you to clear the area around your car as well, and this compact design does just that. Traditional snow shovels are too bulky to use in the small crevices around a car, not to mention too big to keep inside, which is why we’re such big fans of this collapsible tool.

Its handle, shaft and head break down small enough to fit inside the provided 10-in. x 15-in. storage bag. And when re-assembled, it adjusts from 26 to 32 inches in length. It’s also extremely durable thanks to a protective finish and an aluminum construction that won’t corrode or rust.


  • Collapsible design small enough to store in a trunk
  • Non-slip grip handle
  • Free ice scraper included


  • Best for clearing snow around cars (not snow on a car)

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Seazen 2 Layers Car Cover Waterproof All Weather Ecomm

Best Car Cover for Snow

Seazen Car Cover

If you’re interested in preventing wintry messes from contacting your car at all, this waterproof Seazen pick provides total coverage at a reasonable price. Seazen offers a wide range of sizes to match your car’s dimensions; and the rearview mirror pockets, nylon straps and elastic bottom keep the cover securely in place.

We’re also big fans of the reflective strips on the front corners and mirrors, ensuring your car will be visible to other drivers and snow plows. Also, it’s not just a car cover for snow—the two-layer material protects your vehicle’s finish from sun damage, scratches and dust. It may even cut down on how often you need to wash your car in the winter.


  • Zipper allows easy access to the car without removing the cover
  • Includes storage bag to keep in trunk
  • Won’t blow off in heavy winds


  • May not be convenient for everyday commuters

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Why should I remove snow from my car?

Removing ice and snow from a car is important for your safety as well as others on the road. Anything that obscures your vision and awareness of your surroundings increases the chance of accidents, so it’s essential to completely clear off your windshield, windows and back windshield.

Don’t forget to brush snow off your head and taillights as well, so you’ll be more visible to other drivers. You should also clear away any excessive snow from your hood, roof and trunk, since it can fly off and hinder other cars while driving. If snow is left covering the tailpipe, there’s also a risk of potential carbon monoxide buildup in your car.

You should also remove snow even if you don’t plan on driving that day. Clearing it off prevents heavy buildup, which can freeze and become much more difficult to remove later on. If you’re in an area with especially high snowfalls, clearing your car also prevents accidental snowplow damage if it becomes completely covered.

How do you remove snow from your car?

According to State Farm, start your car and turn on the heat to begin the melting process. Then, clear the snow from the roof, hood and trunk using a snow brush; followed by the side and rear windows. Any built-up ice on the windows should be scraped off with the smooth side of a plastic ice scraper.

Switch over to the ridged side of the scraper to remove ice from the windshield by using vertical slashing strokes. After clearing the mirrors, headlights and taillights, clear any ice or frost from your wiper blades.

Can a snow scraper scratch your car?

“A plastic scraper works well for getting ice off windows. It’s less likely to scratch the glass than your bare hands,” says Bialaszewski. “Don’t use hot water—it could crack the glass. And don’t try to chip ice with tools like hammers that could damage the car. Apply de-icer if needed, then scrape gently in long, smooth motions.”

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