Storm Preparation and Preparedness

It’s never too early to prepare your family and your home for storms. Plan your severe weather readiness with these helpful tips, projects and product recommendations.

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What To Do Before, During and After a Flood

These tips can help keep you and your family safe and ensure a smooth recovery.

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Which Parts of Your Home Are Most Susceptible to Winter Storm Damage?

Winter weather can take a heavy toll on your home, so it's best to be prepared.

The 5 Best Heated Outdoor Mats That Melt Snow and Ice

Snow and ice accumulation outside your house isn't just inconvenient—it's dangerous. These heated outdoor mats will help you melt away...

Protect Your Roof—And Your Back—This Winter With a Snow Joe Roof Rake

Prevent time-consuming and costly roof damage this winter with the extendable Snow Joe Roof Rake.

How to Prepare Your Home for an Earthquake

These 14 tips will help keep both you and your property safe in the event of seismic shocks.

The 5 Best Gas Snow Blowers of 2022

When it snows, you need to be ready! Whether you have a long driveway or a small sidewalk to clear,...

Here’s How Winter Storms Are Named

If you've ever found yourself wondering, 'When did they start naming winter storms?' We're here with answers.

The 6 Best Car Snow Removal Tools of 2022

Attention drivers: These car snow removal tools will get you out of the cold and into your toasty vehicle as...

The 5 Best Electric Snow Shovels for Easy Digging This Winter

The best electric snow shovel should be easy on your back, simple to use and have you out of the...

How To Remove Ice From Your Windshield

Winter is upon us. For many, that means removing ice from a windshield. Follow these tips for conquering windshield ice.

How To Prevent Basement Flooding During Heavy Rain

If heavy rain frequently turns your basement into a quagmire, try one or several of these methods to fix the...

How To Remove Black Ice from Driveways and Sidewalks

What is black ice? A layer of nearly invisible ice that makes sidewalks and driveways extremely dangerous. Here's how to...

Is Your House in a Flood Zone?

Do you know if your house or the one you're going to buy is in a flood zone? Here's what...

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Put Ice in Your Washing Machine (and Other Hurricane Preparedness Tips)

Hurricane hacks promise miracles, but which ones really work? We sifted through the most popular so you can focus on...

Best Weather Apps on Your Phone

Weather apps are helpful, but they can be overwhelming. Which one should you choose? We walk you through the most...

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Brighten Up Any Project with the Family Handyman Approved Nebo Omni 2k Work Light

Looking for an addition to your toolbox that shines? Try the compact, bright and long-lasting Nebo Omni 2k work light.

What Is an Urban Firestorm?

Wildfires crossing into urban settings can take homeowners by surprise. Here's how to know if you're at risk, and how...

We Tested the Snow Joe Cordless Snow Blower

With the Snow Joe iON+ Cordless snow blower, you might actually look forward to clearing the driveway.

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7 Things To Do at Your Cabin To Prevent Wildfires

From cleaning yard debris to putting out camp fires, here's a list of things to do at your vacation cabin...

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8 Signs You Should Get a Roof Inspection

Here are some of the warning signs it might be time to take a closer look at the roof over...

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What To Do After Your House Floods

Cleaning up after a flood sweeps through your home is a massive task. Stay safe and remember these tips if...

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How Long Can You Run a Generator When the Power Goes Out?

When relying on a generator to get through a long-term power outage, you'll want to know how long you can...

What is Heat Lightning … and Is It Dangerous?

Ever seen flashes in the sky on a hot day you can't quite explain? You might be witnessing what some...

How To Stay Safe During a Flash Flood

Flash floods are dangerous and can hit out of nowhere. Are you prepared for a flash flood?

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How to Install and When to Replace Roof Tarps

Roof tarps are only temporary solutions, so make sure you install them properly and don't leave them on past their...

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What to Know About Frozen Pipes

Don't let frozen water pipes cause a flood. Here's what to know about frozen pipes, including how to prevent them...

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How to Keep Cell Phones Charged During a Power Outage

Your cell phone is an essential tool during an emergency. Here are some helpful tips to keep it charged during...

How to Install a Storm Door

These quick-and-easy storm doors ARE as quick and easy as they claim!

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8 Ways a House Covered in Snow and Ice Can Be Damaged

Here are seven common winter headaches faced by homeowners in snowy climates, as well as expert opinions on how to...

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What to Know About Snow Melt and Deicing Systems

Use heat to combat snow and ice on your driveway and walkways.

7 Best Severe Weather Warning Apps

When you need real-time storm and severe weather alerts, these are the seven best severe weather warning apps to have...