The 5 Best-Tested Heated Outdoor Mats That Melt Snow and Ice

Updated: Feb. 21, 2024

Snow and ice accumulation outside your house isn't just inconvenient—it's dangerous. The best heated outdoor mats will help you melt away risks.

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The 6 Best Tested Heated Outdoor Mats MORGAN CHANEY FOR FAMILY HANDYMAN

Historic winter storms have left neighborhoods buried in snow, lakefront homes encased in ice and motorists stranded for hours. Even a slight dusting of snow on a sidewalk can quickly turn slick, creating a real danger of slipping and falling. It’s a concern for everyone, but especially for older individuals, people with mobility issues, wobbly little kids and pets. In your arsenal of snow removal tools, here’s a secret weapon to consider: Heated outdoor mats.

These mats cover a surface—whether it’s a driveway, sidewalk or other walkway—and generate enough heat to melt ice and snow. They come in different sizes, and some are even made for stairs. While you still might want to break out the snowblower to move large areas of snow, heated snow mats are a genius snow and ice removal hack that doesn’t involve any shoveling. A genius idea, right?

“Falls are the leading cause of unintentional injury-related deaths among older Americans. Hazardous conditions caused by snow and ice contribute to these incidents,” says Jonathan Ames, Lead Landscape Designer and snow-clearing expert at BACQYARD. “Heated mats are effective in melting snow before it turns into ice, which helps reduce the risk. Safety organizations report that over one million slips and falls occur each year in the United States, emphasizing the importance of prevention.”

Here’s a look at some of the best heated outdoor mats for every kind of use outside your home.

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Cozy Products Ice Away Snow Melt Mat Morgan Chaney for family handyman

Best Overall

Cozy Products Ice Away Snow Melt Mat

During my testing of the best heated outdoor mats, I appreciated the plug-and-go simplicity of the Cozy Products Ice Away Snow Melt Mat. The indoor/outdoor mat is the perfect size to keep your home and entryways free from snow and ice. Made with heavy-duty materials and a strong grip, this mat is both non-slip and has the perfect texture to get all the snow off your boots before walking in the house.

It’s the perfect spot for kids to quickly warm their feet after sledding or building a snowman, or for adults like me, to warm their feet after early morning walks with the dog. Speaking of animals, my dog Brodie has now claimed this mat as his new favorite spot to lay in the winter. After using it for a few weeks, I love the flexibility to prevent snow on my porch, or bringing it inside to have a place to warm my cold feet after a long day at work.

For price to quality ratio, this is a solid winner. When it comes to mistakes to avoid when removing snow, you won’t have to think twice about this pick. The no-maintenance design is durable and features anti-slip rubber for secure footing.


  • Made from heavy-duty, anti-slip rubber
  • Energy-efficient and uses less than 40 watts per square foot
  • Easy plug-in setup
  • Ridges to clean snow off boots and shoes


  • Can’t connect to other mats

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Toriexon Snow Melting Mat Morgan Chaney for family handyman

Best Budget

Toriexon Snow Melting Mat

We consider the Toriexon Snow Melting Mat a solid starter pick—a relatively modest investment that can help you decide whether a heated snow mat is the right choice to add to your home heating system. This simple plug-in model can connect multiple mats to create a customized snow-melting system. It’s made from non-slip rubber and melts up to 2 inches of snow per hour.

This mat was a close runner-up for our best overall pick. It’s a fantastic budget-friendly option that gets hot quickly and connects to other Toriexon mats. If I had a longer pathway to cover, this would be my go-to. I love that it has a lower profile than some of the other mats, but still ensures non-slip features and a lot of heat to keep your spaces clear of snow and ice.


  • One of the lowest-priced heated outdoor mats on the market
  • Power cord included nothing extra to buy
  • Connects to other mats
  • Gets hot quickly


  • No grommets to secure the mat

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Heattrak Snow Melting Stair Mat Morgan Chaney for family handyman

Best for Stairs

HeatTrak Snow-Melting Stair Mat

From trusted outdoor heated mat brand HeatTrak, the HeatTrak Snow-Melting Stair Mat is designed for residential use and specially sized for stairs. It’s made of heavy-duty slip-proof thermoplastic so you won’t stumble (even if you’re rocking the best snow boots). It also comes with grommets for the option to tie it down. The power unit, which is sold separately, powers up to five connected mats.

This mat feels very heavy-duty and is lighter than other stair options I tested. Unfortunately, the power unit is sold separately so I wasn’t able to test the heating component yet. The sizing fit my stairs perfectly, so I’m patiently waiting for Amazon to make another visit to my home.


  • Specially sized for slim stairs
  • Highly rated product from a company that specializes in heated snow-melting mats
  • Users say it keeps the ice and snow off, even in heavy storms
  • Has the capacity to connect to other mats


  • Power unit sold separately

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Dirt Genius Hydrofarm Heat Mat Morgan Chaney for family handyman

Best for Porches

Dirt Genius Hydrofarm Heat Mat

If you’ve been looking into homesteading, but only have a balcony porch to work with, look no further than the Dirt Genius Hydrofarm Heat Mat. This heavy-duty mat made of construction-grade materials is the perfect addition to your porch or greenhouse garden. It’s the perfect size to place two standard trays end to end, allowing you to increase the growth success of seedlings and cuttings to keep your plants warm in the chilly months.

As someone looking to start my “gardening era,” I am so excited to report back on this mat in a few months to see if I can (finally) successfully start growing herbs, tomatoes and other vegetables from seed. In the meantime, all my cuttings seem quite happy on their new mat.


  • Mats can be daisy-chained (up to 10 mats) to reduce the number of power outlets needed
  • Lightweight and easy to store
  • 6-foot power cord
  • Multiple sizes available to fit your gardening needs


  • No off switch or timing element

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H&g Lifestyles Snow Melting Roof Mats Morgan Chaney for family handyman

Best for Roofs

H&G Lifestyles Snow Melting Roof Mats

Few things are worse than having snow sliding off your roof and onto your head. Luckily, H&G Lifestyles Snow Melting Roof Mats are the perfect solution to ensure the snow melts before it has the chance to ruin your day. These mats are equipped with self-regulating heating elements, which means they automatically adjust their temperature based on the surrounding conditions, saving energy and minimizing the risk of damage to your roof and gutters.

Another bonus: You don’t have to break out the snowblower or ladder to clear your roof. Unfortunately, we’ve only seen a small snow flurry in my area, so I haven’t been able to see the true power of these mats. I might send these to my sister in Colorado and have her update how they worked after a true snowstorm.


  • Can be self-installed, no need to hire a professional
  • Self-regulating heating element
  • Energy Efficient
  • Multiple sizes available


  • Pricey if you’re looking to cover your full roof

What to Consider When Buying a Heated Outdoor Mat

When searching for the best-heated mat for your home, here are some things to consider:

  • Size: How much coverage do you need for your space? Will you need multiple mats?
  • Wattage/Power Requirements: How much electricity does it use? Does it use a standard plug? Will you need an extension cord?
  • Heat Output: How hot does it get? Will it melt enough snow for your area?
  • Tread/Material: Does it have a non-slip tread? Does your space need increased traction and ridges?
  • Price: How much are you willing to spend?

As with many of the convenience and lifestyle products we recommend, we always urge consumers to ask themselves the question: How often will I use this? If snow and ice are infrequent occurrences where you live, then one of these simple human-powered snow removal tools might do.

On the other hand, if you hate shoveling snow (or physical limitations prevent you from doing so), or if you find yourself staying indoors because you’re afraid of slipping on snow or ice, a snow-melting mat might be worth every penny. These mats are not cheap, especially if you need to set up multiple mats on stairs or a long sidewalk, but accidents are painful and costly, too!

Why You Should Trust Us

As a long-time homeowner and designated clutz of the friend group, I’ve tried everything to avoid letting my Ring camera catch another embarrassing incident of me slipping down the stairs. While I live in North Carolina now, I was born and raised in Missouri where we get an average of 16 inches of snow, and I’ve lived through at least two “snowpocalypse” events and more deep freezes than I can count. I’m always looking for ways to keep my house safe in bad weather, and searching for the best product (and deals) is my favorite pastime. We also consulted Jonathan Ames, Lead Landscape Designer and snow-clearing expert at BACQYARD.

How We Found the Best Heated Outdoor Mats

We started our search for the best heated outdoor mats by researching 12 different top-selling models, and we tested half of those options. That’s right, I used every single one of the heated outdoor mats on this list to tell you how they perform in real-life inclement weather. We judged our picks based on size, how hot each mat gets, ease of use and overall value. This list is comprised of our absolute favorites. Our testing was conducted over two months and led us to the best heated outdoor mats.


Do heat mats use a lot of electricity?

Many high-quality outdoor heating mats are energy efficient and use about the same energy as a lightbulb. That being said, it’s important to check the wattage and energy usage of any mat you will be using.

Can you leave a heat mat on all night?

Depending on how you are using your heat mat, you may be able to leave it on all night. If using a heat mat indoors, we do suggest turning it off for safety purposes and to protect your flooring. For mats used outdoors on concrete, you should be able to leave them on overnight without issues.