AstroAI Ice Scraper Review: Is it the Best Ice Scraper and Snow Brush? (We Tried It!)

Updated: Dec. 04, 2023

This snow brush and detachable ice scraper has more than 24,000 reviews on Amazon, and reviewers are saying it’s the best for clearing your car in winter weather.

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While spring is officially here, depending on what part of the country you reside in, you might still be experiencing some winter weather conditions and need to winterize your car. If you’re like me and live in the Midwest, you know how unpredictable early spring weather can be. (I was just scraping ice from my car in the middle of March!) If you live in snowier states, like Colorado and Michigan, you’re probably used to de-icing your windshield well into April.

The AstroAI ice scraper is an affordable, detachable tool designed for clearing your car during icy months. It’s long enough to reach those tricky spots, like the center of your windshield, and it breaks down to fit into its own carrying case so you can throw it in the trunk or backseat of your car without making a mess. An ice scraper is certainly a tool you should keep in your car.

What is the AstroAI ice scraper?

Astroai Ice ScaperMary Henn/ Family Handyman

The AstroAI ice scraper is a two-in-one snow brush and ice-scraping tool that detaches for easy car storage. It has an ergonomic foam grip handle to prevent your hands from slipping while scraping. Buyers love it for its convenient portability, affordability and quality. Both the ice scraper and snow brush side work separately or together for added reach while clearing your car.

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AstroAI Ice Scraper Product Features

This ice scraper and snow brush combo tool is made of heavy-duty acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) that are meant to last several winter seasons. The snow brush head is 7 inches long and the ice scraper head is 4.5 inches wide. When the ice scraper and snow brush are connected, the tool is 27 inches long. It’s ideal for clearing windshields, doors, windows, hoods and side mirrors. Your hand won’t slip while doing the work, either, as the handle has a cotton-padded, ergonomic cover that provides a sturdy base for gripping.

How We Tested It

Ice ScraperMary Henn/ Family Handyman

I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to test out the AstroAI ice scraper this season—silly me, I forgot I live in Missouri. Lo and behold, we had snow and ice in the middle of March. So, I unpacked the scrapper, attached the two parts and went to work.

When I tested the the handy tool, my car was covered in a thin layer of ice with a layer of snow on top. I used the snow brush end first to clear the snow, which took practically no time. Then, I turned the tool around to scrape the ice. I was surprised by how much better this particular scraper removed ice than the previous (smaller) handheld ice scraper I had in my trunk. Plus, I didn’t have to lay across my windshield to reach all the ice—the AstroAI tool was long enough to do the job.


  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Breaks down for convenient car storage
  • Made to withstand -40 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Comes in multiple colors


  • May not reach all the way across windshields on extra-large vehicles


What can I use instead of an ice scraper?

In addition to clearing ice and snow from your car with a handheld tool, you can use other methods. Of course, letting your vehicle warm up will help defrost your windshield and windows. Store-bought or DIY ice-melting solutions, like rubbing alcohol and water, can be useful to keep in your car during winter, too. Keep in mind that rubbing alcohol does freeze when temperatures drop below 5 degrees Fahrenheit, though.

Do ice scrapers scratch your car?

Ice scrapers can scratch the paint off cars. While the AstroAI ice scraper is made to prevent damage to your vehicle, you should avoid using hard plastic ice scrapers on the body of your car and only use them on the front and rear windshields and windows.

What Other Reviewers Had to Say

The AstroAI ice scraper has over 18,000 five-star ratings on Amazon, and reviewers are calling it the best ice scraper they’ve ever used.

“Eureka! I found it! The perfect snow removal tool for my beloved Elantra,” writes verified purchaser, June Brison. “Perfect size that works efficiently, breaks down into two pieces for storage and has a cinch bag that fits inside door panels to keep it handy and intact till next time. No more hunting up where I stored it last season after the final snowfall. Snow AND ice removal? Both a snap!”

Five-star reviewer, Wilma Lopez-Round, calls the tool user-friendly. She writes. “I am 67 years old, and I keep a car foldable cloth bin with a few supplies (microfiber cloth, wipes, spray cleaner, gloves), and this two-piece snow brush-scraper combo is just right for me, because it’s easy and user-friendly to assemble/disassemble, light to use and effective. Then, it also fits neatly in the trunk bin. And it’s a pretty red color. I’ll buy another one for my husband.”

Sean Mulvaney, a verified purchaser, even used the AstroAI ice scraper while traveling. “This worked well for my trip to Iceland, which there was ice and snow on my car every morning while there. Much better than the one that came with the rental car,” he shares.

Final Verdict

We recommend the AstroAI ice scraper. For the price point, the two-in-one snow brush and ice scraper combo tool is hard to beat. Our favorite feature? The fact that it breaks down and fits into its own drawstring bag for easy, mess-free storage in your car.

Where to Buy the AstroAI Ice Scaper

Ice Scrapervia merchant

The AstroAI Ice Scraper retails for $15 to $20 on Amazon, depending on which color you choose. Grab one now if you’re expecting lingering winter weather conditions or get ahead of next winter to throw in your trunk. If you’re like me, you probably don’t think about getting an ice scraper until it’s too late. Don’t be like me.

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