The One Thing You Should Keep in Your Car This Winter

A little spray bottle filled with this mixture will get you on the road much quicker after a snowfall all winter long.

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This simple trick will make scraping ice off of your windshield so much easier

Sick of freezing your tail off while you’re scraping the rock-hard ice off your windshield? Try this cool tip. Just mix two parts water with one part isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol in a spray bottle and spray it on your windshield. The will help you remove ice almost instantly. The alcohol won’t harm your car’s paint, but it will remove car wax, so try to keep it off waxed surfaces. Check out these 36 simple interior and exterior car detailing tips!

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To prevent ice buildup, try Prestone Ice & Frost Shield. “You spray it on before heading in for the night or when you arrive at work,” says automotive expert Rick Muscoplat. “Any snow or freezing rain won’t stick to your windshield. I gave it to my daughter and she uses it when she arrives at work. If it snows during the day, she just has to turn on the wipers and go.” 36 simple interior and exterior car detailing tips

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