The 5 Best Roof Snow Rake Picks for Ice Removal, Tested by a Snow Expert

Excessive roof snow can become dangerously heavy and lead to destructive ice dams. Remove some of that ice with the best roof snow rake.

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Snow-laden rooftops are an idyllic wintertime vision. However, that snow could be covering up a scenario that could have devastating consequences for your home.

As snow piles up on your roof, it acts like an insulator, trapping the heat radiating from the attic. This warmth starts to melt the snowpack’s underside, creating a layer of water. This meltwater trickles down the roof, reaching the eaves—the exposed edges that overhang the home. These eaves aren’t exposed to the attic’s warmth and are much colder, enough to turn the water back into ice.

The freezing water forms a dam at the eaves, blocking the natural flow of meltwater. This creates a pool behind the dam, which grows as more snow melts, eventually finding its way under the roof shingles and into the home. Inside, this unwelcome moisture can wreak havoc, fueling the growth of black mold, a health hazard that can cause respiratory issues. In addition, moisture rots and warps wooden structures, compromising the roof’s structural integrity. In severe cases, the water infiltrates the interior walls and ceilings, leading to structural damage and costly repairs.

Luckily, removing that snow from the roofline mitigates the risk of ice dams forming, and it’s a task best performed regularly and with a quality, telescoping snow rake.

The numerous snow roof rake options available to homeowners may seem overwhelming. Luckily, we’re here to assist and provide valuable guidance to alleviate any confusion and frustration. Here are some of the best snow rakes for your consideration.

1 / 5
 Garant Telescopic Roof Rake Mike Zawacki for Family Handyman

Best Overall Roof Rake

Garant Telescopic Roof Rake

2 / 5
 Snowpeeler Premium Snow Roof Rake Mike Zawacki for Family Handyman

Best Pro-Grade Snow Rake

Snowpeeler Premium Snow Roof Rake

3 / 5
snow rack disassembled Mike Zawacki for Family Handyman

Best Plastic Blade Snow Rake

Avalanche! Snow Rake Deluxe 20

4 / 5
 Costway Roof Snow Rake disassembled Mike Zawacki for Family Handyman

Best Entry-Level Snow Rake

Costway Roof Snow Rake

5 / 5
 Snowjoe 2 In 1 Ice Scraper Mike Zawacki for Family Handyman

Best for Basic Snow Removal Tasks

Snow Joe 2-in-1 Ice Scraper + Snow Broom

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