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7 Best Roof Rakes of 2022

Excessive roof snow can become dangerously heavy and lead to destructive ice dams. Remove some of that snow with a hard-working roof rake.

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Raking snow from the roofliveslow/Getty Images

Buying a Roof Rake

A roof rake is an excellent way to clear excess snow from the top of your home. Comprised of an extending handle and a blade, these simple tools allow you to remove snow from your roof while keeping both feet on the ground.

Roof rake blades come in two styles: a scoop (shaped like a traditional snow shovel) or a slicer (which functions a bit like a cheese slicer).

Scoop blades are designed to be placed at the top of the roof and dragged towards the ground. This allows gravity to help clear the snow, but it also has two downsides. It sheds excess snow into gutters or onto shrubs and plants along the foundation. And you have to be careful to not push upward and potentially damage shingles.

Slicer-blade roof rakes are designed to be pushed upward, rather than pulled down. Because you’re pushing against the grain, it’s essential that the rake has wheels or coasters to avoid damaging shingles. But slicer-style rakes often come with a big advantage: a trailing sheet. Snow shoots along the sheet, staying out of gutters and away from shrubs and plants.

Beyond the blade, look for a rake that extends far enough to reach your roof line but light enough for you to use comfortably.

Here are seven of the best roof rakes available.

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Best Classic Scoop

The Garant GPRR24 Yukon is a classic scoop-style roof rake. It extends by using add-on poles, which means it only weighs as much as is needed to get the job done. The Garant also has a poly blade, making it less destructive than a metal one if you accidentally push against the roof shingles. For lighter amounts of snow, this is an excellent choice to maintain your roof in the winter.

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Best Slicer for Tall Roofs

The SnowPeeler Premium is a perfect example of the slicer blade-style roof rake. It clears snow with a pushing motion, and comes equipped with a trailing sheet to help protect gutters. The SnowPeeler Premium extends to 30 feet, making it one of the longest rakes on this list.

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Best Combo Rake

Why not have both rake styles at your disposal? The Avalanche 1000 Combo Set comes with two interchangeable blades, a scoop-style as well as a slicer with trailing sheet. Avalanche suggests using the scoop head for lighter snows, and the slicer for heavier snow buildup.

Note: Avalanche doesn’t use the terms “scooper” and “slicer.” There is no industry standard on these terms, and every manufacturer uses the description they like best.

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Best Shingle Saver

The Extreme Max Roof Rake is a scoop-style tool with wheels attached. This gives it an advantage over rakes like the Garant, because it allows you to re-position your rake without lifting it off the roof. This is especially useful for DIYers who might be prone to back strain or fatigue. It also gives a built-in buffer between the rake blade and the roof so the raking motion is almost zero-contact.

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Best for Narrow Spots

The GYMAX Aluminum Roof Rake is noteworthy because of its narrow head width. At only 16 inches, it will take longer to work your way across a wide roof. But it’s perfect for fitting into tighter spaces, such as roof valleys or along skylights.

Also, unlike many of the rakes we’ve looked at so far, the GYMAX has a telescoping pole. This makes for easier tool storage and assembly. But unlike a roof rake with removable extension poles, a telescoping pole means the rake weighs the same no matter how far you extend it.

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Best for Flat Roofs

A rake head on a long, straight pole is great for pitched roofs, but you may be wondering about options for flat roofs. If you have an RV, trailer or home with a flat roof, the Avalanche! Big Rake 2000 is a great choice for snow removal.

In this instance the handle’s snap-on assembly is a distinct advantage, because it allows you to place the angled connector wherever you need it. You can use it as a straight pole or at various heights before the right-angle bend.

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Best for Removing Debris

Affordable and convenient, the Snow Joe RJ205M is an aluminum scoop-style rake that’s useful if you need to pull something other than snow off your roof. Notice in the photo that this rake has a lip, allowing it to hook items like leaves or sticks that are embedded in the snow. You’ll need to be careful not to damage your roof in the process. But if you’ve got foreign objects in your snowline, the Snow Joe can snag them along with the snow.

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