7 Best Leaf Vacuums for Maintaining a Pristine Lawn This Fall

Those leaves are falling fast. Instead of raking or blowing them into a pile and bagging them up, check out the best leaf vacuums for quick and convenient cleanup.

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6 Best Leaf Vacuums For Maintaining A Pristine Lawn This FallVIA MERCHANT

Autumn delivers us glorious colors, and perhaps brings back childhood memories of jumping into a pile of freshly fallen leaves. But as adults, we’re all too familiar with the “mystery” behind those fun piles of leaves—somebody had to rake them. And when the kids are done playing, somebody has to bag them up.

For anyone who’s ever cringed at the sight of a lawn full of colorful autumn leaves and the back-breaking work they bring, we have a solution that makes yard work easier. A leaf vacuum sucks up those fallen leaves, condenses them into bags and—in some cases—tears up the leaves in the process. And leaf vacuums come in a wide range of price points, so a basic model doesn’t have to be an expensive indulgence. Take a look at the best leaf vacuums for making your fall lawn cleanup a snap.

The Best Leaf Vacuums

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Ryobi Vac Attack Cordless Leaf Vacuum Mulcher
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Best Overall Leaf Vacuum

Ryobi Vac Attack Cordless Leaf Vacuum/Mulcher

A powerful tool for big lawns and gardens, this rechargeable battery-operated model from Ryobi vacuums and shreds leaves, and condenses the equivalent of 16 bags of raked leaves into one. We like the variable speed feature, which allows you to slow the tool down to suck leaves out of garden beds without vacuuming up plants or pebbles. Plus, with a 40-volt battery and cordless design, you’ll be sucking up leaves with power and ease.


  • Shreds up to 16 leaves in one bag
  • Cordless design for large areas
  • Variable speed for precision vacuuming
  • Comes with a 40-volt rechargeable battery


  • On the pricier side
  • No blower option

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Worx Trivac 3 In 1 Electric Leaf Blower Vacuum Mulcher
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Best Budget Leaf Vacuum

Worx Trivac Three-in-One Electric Leaf Blower/Vacuum/Mulcher

We love multitasking tools, especially affordable ones. This three-in-one tool from Worx is a versatile gadget that effortlessly switches from leaf blower to mulcher or vacuum (with no attachments to change out). The electric device is lightweight compared to others in its class at just 6.6. pounds, and the included shoulder strap means no dragging around a bag full of leaves. If you’ve only got room in your garage for one leaf-cleaning tool, this is a solid budget choice.


  • Won’t break the bank
  • Electric runs quieter than gas models
  • Weighs just 6.6 pounds
  • Shreds up to 16 leaves in one bag


  • Corded, so not practical for large yards

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Black+decker Electric Leaf Blower Vacuum Mulcher
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Most Portable Leaf Vacuum

Black+Decker Electric Leaf Blower/Vacuum/Mulcher

Another nicely priced, multifunctioning lawn and garden tool is this three-in-one blower, vacuum and mulcher from trusted brand Black+Decker. It scores extra points for its portability—the leaf bag is worn like a backpack, complete with adjustable, lower-back-saving shoulder straps. At 11.1 pounds, it’s not the lightest leaf vacuum on our list, but its ease of use makes up for a few extra pounds in weight. You may even volunteer to vacuum the neighbor’s leaves, too!


  • Worn like a backpack
  • Blows, vacuums and mulches
  • Good price-to-quality ratio
  • Air speeds up to 250 miles per hour (mph)


  • Plastic impeller may not mulch as well as metal
  • Corded, so not practical for large yards

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Toro Ultraplus Electric Handheld Leaf Blower Vacuum Mulcher
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Best Electric Leaf Vacuum

Toro UltraPlus Electric Handheld Leaf Blower/Vacuum/Mulcher

Weighing in at just under 9 pounds, this electric blower, vacuum and shredder/mulcher from established lawn care brand Toro delivers a lot of power and function in a small package. With air speeds up to 260 mph, it’s among the fastest leaf blowers on our list, and has attachments to help you pinpoint small areas, like gutters and narrow spaces between plantings. The vacuum function makes quick work of leaves, which are shredded into a convenient shoulder bag.


  • Adjustable speed for both vacuum and blower functions
  • Vacuum bag also functions as a storage bag
  • Cord-locking hook means you’ll stay plugged in
  • Weighs under 9 pounds


  • Switching between blower and vacuum attachments can be clumsy
  • Corded, so not practical for large yards

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Stihl Sh 86 C E Gas Handheld Blower Vacuum Mulcher
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Best Gas-Powered Leaf Vacuum

Stihl SH 86 C-E Gas Handheld Blower/Vacuum/Mulcher

Described by some reviewers as a “workhorse,” this three-in-one blower, vacuum and mulcher is a solid choice for those seeking the power, reliability and portability of a gas-powered leaf tool. The handheld device weighs just over 12 pounds and includes a shoulder strap for the bag—no need to drag a full bag of leaves behind you. USA-made Stihl gas tools feature the Easy2Start system, for a less frustrating experience revving up.


  • Fast-start feature means no hard cord jerks
  • Anti-vibration feature is easier on hands and arms
  • Easy switching between blower and vacuum functions
  • No cords or batteries


  • Pricier than other options
  • 70-decibel noise level is on the higher side

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Greenworks Cordless Brushless Leaf Blower Vacuum
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Best Battery-Operated Leaf Vacuum

Greenworks Cordless Brushless Leaf Blower/Vacuum

For a leaf vacuum that’s also an eco-friendly option, look to the Greenworks cordless blower/vacuum, which runs on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that’s also compatible with other Greenworks power tools. Because there’s no mulching mechanism, the tool is very lightweight—clocking in at just 5.6 pounds—which will cut down on arm fatigue. Six speed options, plus an easy switch between blower and vacuum functions, means you can easily maneuver and clean in all areas of your lawn and garden.


  • Includes 4.0-amp-hour (Ah) battery and charger
  • Weighs just 5.6 pounds
  • 21 minutes of runtime on a fully charged battery
  • Compatible with Greenworks G-MAX 40-volt lithium-ion system


  • No mulching option
  • Expensive

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Gardena Lawn And Leaf Collector
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Best Manual Leaf Vacuum

Gardena Lawn and Leaf Collector

Undoubtedly the greenest leaf vacuum on our list, this leaf sweeper relies not on batteries, cords or gasoline, but functions like an old-fashioned push mower. Its combs pick up leaves, pine needles and other small yard debris, and they pull them into a reusable bag. Easy to push and with few parts to worry about, this leaf collector is an ideal middle ground between hand raking and leaf blowing and vacuuming.


  • Silent operation with no needed power source
  • Eco-friendly system
  • Adjustable height
  • Can be stored vertically


  • No mulching option
  • Not suitable for narrow areas or between plantings

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What to Look for When Buying a Leaf Vacuum

One of the most important factors to consider when shopping for a leaf vacuum is how the tool is powered, and the limitations and benefits that power source provides.

  • Electric leaf vacuums offer a reliable, uninterrupted power supply. But because they’re corded, they’re often not suitable for large yards.
  • Gas-powered leaf vacuums are powerful, noisy and on the pricier side. But they provide full range of motion and long runtime for big jobs.
  • Battery-powered leaf vacuums offer cordless convenience, but limited runtime, usually no more than 20 minutes per charge.

When comparing leaf vacuums, also consider the weight of the tool, the convenience of the collection bag and how easy it is to switch between functions, such as blower or vacuum.

Keep in mind that most of the tools we included on this list have three-in-one functionality as leaf blowers, vacuums and mulchers. Many gardeners prefer to blow fallen leaves into a pile, then suck them up and shred them with the vacuum/mulcher. The leaf vacuum can also be used in rock gardens, driveways and in areas with plantings where you want to suck up fallen leaves.

How We Found the Best Leaf Vacuums

We analyzed dozens of leaf vacuums and combination leaf blower/vacuum/mulcher options before we settled on our picks. We looked at brand reputation and reliability, and took into consideration user reviews and industry rankings—plus each vacuum’s price, weight and ease of use. We chose a range of items with different power sources and products that are suitable for different yard sizes to help you eliminate leaves like a pro.


Is it better to get a leaf blower or vacuum?

Leaf blowers and leaf vacuums have two separate functions, and many gardeners like them both. Blowers will either disperse leaves or push them into a pile while vacuums suck up leaves and collect them in a bag. Some gardeners like to use the mulched leaves as compost for their plants. If you have a lot of leaves to deal with and don’t want to bag them up with a rake, a combination leaf blower and vacuum is a convenient, work-saving option for your yard.

Can you use a leaf vacuum on wet leaves?

Some leaf vacuums claim to work on wet leaves, but none will work as well on wet leaves as they will with dry ones. Wet leaves will quickly weigh down a collection bag, and they can clog the vacuum’s suction tube.

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