Protect Your Roof—And Your Back—This Winter With a Snow Joe Roof Rake

Prevent time-consuming and costly roof damage this winter with the extendable Snow Joe Roof Rake.

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Clearing snow off your car and driveway might be your main concern during a heavy snowfall, but don’t forget about your roof. Even light and fluffy snow can place a serious load on your rooftop, as well as create ice dams, which are ridges of ice that prevent melting snow from running off and can cause expensive water damage. Considering these risks, it’s clear that removing excess snow is essential to roof maintenance, and why a roof rake—like the Snow Joe Roof Rake—should be a primary piece of your snow-removal tool collection.

As someone who grew up in upstate New York, I know the importance of having a sturdy, effective and easy-to-use roof rake on hand at all times (in addition to a snow blower and snow shovel). Luckily, the Snow Joe Roof Rake is ready for the job. This tool removes dangerous and potentially damaging snow and ice from your roof with little effort.

What is the Snow Joe Roof Rake?

A Snow Joe Roof Rake is a handheld snow-removal tool that is used to push and pull snow off the edge of your roof. In my experience, a great roof rake can maintain its sturdiness even when fully extended, which makes the Snow Joe a great option for a wide variety of people.

Its 21-foot reach allows you to remain safely on the ground, which eliminates time-consuming and dangerous ladder setup and use. Plus, the heavy-duty twisting lock keeps the entire unit straight and true, regardless of its extended length. The Snow Joe Roof Rake shrinks down to 6 feet, 2 inches, which makes it easy to store in your garage or shed. Plus, at just under 5 pounds, it won’t strain your arms or shoulders.

I’m also a fan of the large rear handle, which provides a tight grip whether you’re pushing or pulling your snow load. I’ve used inferior roof rakes that failed to include this kind of grip design, and believe me, it’s a useful feature.

How to Use the Snow Joe Roof Rake

First, be aware that a Snow Joe Roof Rake is only going to be useful for single-story roofs, as its maximum extension length is 21 feet tall. If your home has additional stories, you’ll need to use a different approach, such as installing aluminum soffits to ward off unwanted snow and ice.

Ready to use your Snow Joe Roof Rake? Follow the simple assembly instructions and grab the included screws to extend the rake to its full, 21-foot length. Then, grip the shaft with one hand and the handle with the other, and lift the roof rake. From there, extend the Snow Joe Roof Rake forward as far as you can reach and drop the head of the tool into the snow.

Keep a sturdy grip on the handle and pull the rake towards you. The 25-inch head grabs enough snow with each pass to be efficient, but not so much that it will require too much effort on your part, which is a great balance.

The Best Snow Joe Roof Rake Reviews

Verified Amazon purchaser BeebopBilly appreciates the improvement over their previous roof rake. “They really have improved the design over my decades-old roof rake,” the reviewer explains. “The telescoping feature is very convenient and is way easier to store over a rake that requires you to add sections of pole.”

Purchaser M. Hill especially loves the easy assembly. “Along with the pole improvement, this new version uses small screws that are tightened with an included Allen wrench to attach the braces to the plastic rake,” they explain. “This is a system which appears less likely to loosen and will help maintain structural integrity. Assembly consists of attaching three screws to two braces and one nut—and all necessary hardware is included.”

Chris M. is a fan of the rake’s adjustability: “I do love that you can adjust the length because you don’t always need it to be at its full length, which gives you much more control when removing snow from different areas.”

L.D.B. enjoys the easy operation. “OMG … I love this shovel. Should have bought it YEARS ago. Fast delivery, easy to assemble, light weight and EASY to use. I cleared at least a foot of snow from my addition’s roof myself in about half an hour (give/take) … with absolutely no trouble or stress.”

Where to Buy

Snow Joe Ecomm Via Walmart.comvia merchant

The Snow Joe Roof Rake is currently just under $50, and is for sale on Amazon. A sightly heavier version with an aluminum head is available from Walmart and Lowes. Get yours today and start raising the roof (rake)!

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