Get Ready for the Next Big Storm with These Snow Joe Sales—Save Up to 53%

Updated: Jan. 05, 2024

It's "snow" joke—save up to 53% on top-rated snow removal tools.

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Dealing With Snow Snow Joe Sales Are Here—save Up To 53% Ft Via Amazon.comVIA MERCHANT

Walmart and Amazon are home to some of the best inexpensive gadgets, including DIYer tools and painting gear—and both retailers are running sales and deals on Snow Joe tools.

Family Handyman shopping editors are always looking for the best snow removal tools, and Snow Joe is one of our favorite brands to hype. From hand-powered snow removal tools to essential lawn care, Snow Joe delivers some of the most effective snow and ice removal products on the market.

Don’t sleep on these deals—and don’t get caught deep in snow and ice without the tools you need to dig your way out!

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Snow Joe 18 Inch Electric Walk Behind Snow Blower
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Snow Joe 18-Inch Electric Walk-Behind Snow Blower

53% off on Amazon

Score one of the best snow blowers at a whopping discount of 53% off. A 13-amp motor powers this 18-inch electric snow blower, enabling it to throw 550 pounds of snow per minute. We love the cold- and abrasion-resistant plastic auger that cuts 18 inches wide by 8 inches deep with each pass. Plus, it’s virtually maintenance free with no gas, oil or tune-ups required.

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Snow Joe 21 Inch Electric Snow Blower
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Snow Joe 21-Inch Electric Snow Blower

30% off on Walmart

Take advantage of the bargain price—30% off!—on this easy-to-use electric snow blower while it’s part of Walmart’s Snow Joe sale. It can tackle heavier snowfall on mid-sized driveways and walkways. The Snow Joe electric snow blower delivers the power of a gas machine with the convenience of an electric one. Driven by a powerful 15-amp motor, it can move an up to 800 pounds of snow per minute.

Its impressive rubber blades cut a path 21 inches wide and 12 inches deep with each pass. It features an adjustable discharge chute, all-terrain wheels and a scraper blade at the base of the unit that scrapes snow without damaging your deck or pavement.

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Snow Joe Electric Single Stage Walk Behind Snow Blower Ecomm

Snow Joe 15-Inch Electric Walk-Behind Snow Blower

10% off on Walmart

Save more than 10% on this compact snow blower with unbelievable power. The Snow Joe walk-behind snow blower uses a strong plastic auger to move up to 440 pounds of snow per minute. A 15-inch width and convenient folding handle make it easy to stow the snow removal tool under a workbench or in a corner.

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Snow Joe 24v Cordless Snow Shovel Kit
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Snow Joe 24-Volt Cordless Snow Shovel Kit

30% off on Amazon

Clearing a compact area for those with smaller yards or a patio demands a snow shovel. Snow Joe’s cordless snow shovel offers the strength of a snow blower in a way that’s safe for decks and porches. Because it includes a rechargeable 24-volt battery and lightweight design, this cordless shovel throws snow up to 20 feet away—we challenge your average snow shovel to do that!

Add it to your Amazon cart and save 30% on this bundle before the end of the Snow Joe sale.

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Snow Joe 15 Inch Cordless Snow Blower Kit
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Snow Joe 15-Inch Cordless Snow Blower Kit

20% off on Amazon

Built-up snow and ice on your car are “snow” problem with the Snow Joe snow blower kit. It features a telescoping handle, 18-inch broom head, ice scraper and light-emitting diode (LED) lights for those early mornings when you have to scrape off your car before work. Best of all, the machine only weights 12 pounds, so you won’t tucker out.

It’s 20% off on Amazon right now, and no one wants to be caught without an ice scraper when they’re trying to get somewhere in winter weather.

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Snow Joe 20 Inch Strain Reducing Snow Shovel
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Snow Joe 20-Inch Strain-Reducing Snow Shovel

25% off on Amazon

If you’re on a budget or live in an area where you won’t need the power of an electric snow blower or shovel, then this traditional Snow Joe non-electric shovel may be what you’re looking for. It has a spring-assisted handle and impact-resistant blade for ease of use. If you only have small space with light to moderate snowfall to clear, this shovel is a smart option for minimizing effort expended and back pain. It’s currently marked down 25% on Amazon.

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Are Sun Joe and Snow Joe the same company?

Sun Joe, Snow Joe and Aqua Joe are the same company. However, Snow Joe (the parent company) focuses on snow removal products, like snow blowers and car snow removal tools, while Sun Joe produces self-propelled and electric lawn mowers. Similarly, Aqua Joe focuses on areas like garden hoses and other lawn watering supplies.

How long do Snow Joe snow blowers last?

With proper care, Snow Joe snow blowers last up to a decade. Unlike gas snow blowers, electric snow blowers, including the ones from Snow Joe, use lithium-ion batteries to charge. Because there’s no gas involved, leaks and pull-cord problems aren’t a concern. Cordless snow blowers may be low maintenance, but follow our snow blower guides for tips on how to keep them in tip-top shape.